26 Mar 2011

Contribution for Palm oil cooking book

Confit of cod with asparagus and tomato

Cod filet 180 gm
Palm oil
4 pcs of asparagus
Extra vergin olive oil
Olives from liguiria
Roma tomato
Basil leave
Juice of lemon juice
 Some Garlic glove
Fresh thyme
Chervil leaf for decoration
Sea Salt

Sauce :
Take the tomato , cut in two remove the seed and cut in small pics .
In a terracotta casserole , place some EV olive oil , with a garlic glove and make it become golden brown , place the tomato inside , squeeze the lemon juice , add just with salt and let cook slow fire for about 15 minutes . When finish add basil leave to the sauce .

For the cod fillet :
Take a deep pot and place one liter of palm oil in to it , add 3 garlic glove and 3 stand of fresh thime , bring the oil , with the help of a thermometer at 62 degree and make sure it remain the same temperature for the whole cooking time .
Place the con in the hot oil and cook for 20 minutes or until cook
Removed and place in a tissue paper to drain exec oil .

For the asparagus:
Take asparagus, and boiled in salt water, remove.
Separate at the main time in a ball chop some olive , add some EV olive oil a make a paste

For the finishing :

In A tray place the sauce , add the cod sprinkle with sea salt  and decorated with Chervil leave ,and the asparagus sprinkled with the olive past


Pan fried Duck  liver with grill peach and raspberry

Slice Goode liver 50 gm each
 One peach
Fresh raspberry
Brown sugar
Palm oil
Fresh chives
4 spoon of raspberry vinaigrette

Take a pan place 4 spoon of sugar inside and at slow fire make caramelize to golden dark color , add in the vinaigrettre , add salt and let reduce to a  tick shirop .

At the side slice the peach , sprinkle some palm oil on top and sugar and grill it .

At the main time pan-fried the goose liver in crust iron pan , turn both side and place in tissue paperand season with salt

Assemble in a place all the ingredient , as per picture with goose liver below , grilled peach , fresh raspberry and chervil and dress with the sauce .


  1. u see the name? framboise?

    boh......wua...you very beautiful..... the...the....asparagus XD


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