16 Mar 2011

Oyster Fine de Calire UAE from David Sosson

1998-UAE-Expiry date for oyster!

During the GCC conference in Abu Dhabi six head of state from middle east was sating in the same hotel with all theire delegation, around 350 roo were occupied by them.

I was asked and  in charge to check all freh supplies item in the receiving area where four UAE military were keeping an eye on me, as well a colonel doctor officer.
Each time that any consumable item was arrivingb on the receiving area, the doctor was checking automaticly the expiry date!
After a full morning of very busy receiving process a truck came to deliver seaffood with beautiful 'fine de claire' from Cancale in france, after checking his receving book the colonel dicovered that those oysters was a special order made by the Koweti Sheik!!!
He did look at tose oysters for long time and did told me that he never saw oysters before and ask as well about expiry date!!!!
Since the special order was for a head of state, the colonel start to be afraid to take any decision, so i suggested him to let me open and taste 3 or 4 pieces and if I am still alive after 15 to 20 minutes it will mean that it will be ok for the Koweiti!!!
He did agreed and congratulated me after 20 minutes, I think the Koweiti Sheik enjoyed and me too.



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