15 Apr 2011

Cinnamon And Apple

In one of a day ..... (is it english any way ???  )traveling and stay in the land of the god AKA Bali ..I was shadow my day below three of Cinnamon and I just remember that Cinnamon ....  is one of my most disliked in my apple tart ..yes… apple.. cinnamon …I think  of a tartin .. but yes i love it too...

In Indonesia, where it is cultivated in Java and Sumatra, it is called kayu manis ("sweet wood") and sometimes cassia vera .
Cinnamon has been known from remote antiquity. It was imported to Egipt  as early as 2000 BCE, but those who report that it had come from China confuse it with cassia.
And is wide use in preparation food and of course profuse , incense and ....

flower of Cinnamon

the tree , the skin is the part pelled off to dried and create the stick that all we know

Apples History:


Apples have been around for over 4,000 years, and there are now literally thousands of varieties of apples worldwide. The apple is native to Europe and Asia, and is now also grown worldwide in temperate regions, with Apple trees living for hundreds of years.
The word apple comes from the Old English aeppel and apples have been around since the Iron Age and originally cultivated in Egypt. There are many mythological associations over various civilizations, with the apple in the Garden of Eden being the most w Apples are considered a staple fruit, the perfect natural package to take anywhere for a snack. However, with winter approaching the variety of good fruit in season that we enjoy in the warmer months thins out making us think all there is to eat are apples, pears, grapes and mandarins. All is not lost though, as there are a vast range of apple varieties for us to explore such as; Pink Lady’s, Golden Delicious, Fuji’s, Jonathan, Royal Gala and even the humble Granny Smith. Try the delicious dessert recipe below to utilise the different types available.

Apple tartans

The story of the Tartin goes that one of the Tartin sisters was making an apple tart but, for whatever reason, made a mistake and left it too long in the oven. However, she thought she could salvage it, so she ended up turning it upside down and her guests went mad for it.

i swear when i get back i will put u in the recipe but know i just wan be a the swimming pool and enjoy my dream ...

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