23 Apr 2011

The seafood bar

Love when we started to introduce our cold seafood selection , we normally serve with Aioli ,,, that one made with boil garlic in the milk and home made mayonnaise .. cocktail sauce , Thai sauce but nothing is like fresh with a squeeze of lemon and just like that …..

King Crab , Lobster , Prawns , Marron , Stone crab , Blue mussel ,,, with Oysters
Here we normally boil in a dashi stock when it has to be served cook , at last minute ....

Dashi stock :
boil a water n put a dried bonito flakes inside..
boil for 1 or 2 mnts..
One litre water is a palm of bonito ..............this the easy easy way ,

Prawns and oyster

                                    if u can tell me  what it is i will give u a price ,,, those are bolout ....

                                         sea urchin love that on the bread ,,,, so good

Bread , Sea Urchin and olive oil ,,, Sicily here i come

Scallop, those in Venice Market

Well hope u enjoy as i do and try to put it in to your menu ...

Sea Urchin

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