30 May 2011

Simple pastry

People find chefs artistic , I think they are just symmetric , visual of drawing and colour are part of they composition ...
Artisan job define what we do ,,, chemistry is our knowledge’s , routine of perfection  ......... artist is how u get when u create .... .............taste , combination , flavour , ingredient even emotion ............. are chef...

I hate to said but I find stupid and useless see many chefs try and try  to create what they like and not what customer like ........
Hate me for this........ but on the end of the day food is food , on the end of the 12 hours of work ,is only food ,...
It was food what make u ,,,,,,,,,and what we make ,  and the customer tell u if what u did is  right , on coming back and back again ............
As a chef u will only be a chef in where u are from ,........... you kitchen u brigade u customer .....
A pâtisserie is the type of French and Belgium Shop that specializes in pastry and sweets  In both countries it is a legally controlled title that may only be used by bakeries that employ a licensed maître pâtissier (master pastry chef).


ricotta tart

I remember that all those shoots were taken during the opening and the try up........we just fill up our time training and the chillers ...




Wonder why we need to serve to every one :) kidding they sayd it good

the Must Ugly apple tart even made , but every one like it

bread shape ...

Our gelato fridge did not work well FML It all melted what a F@@k

simple and ugly

 I think most of dessert are always a extra point to ladies ,,,,,,,,,,,,, they just love to try but I guess they love to comment too ..
Love to prepare salty Ice cream and add salt to dessert to find new dimension ,,Sometimes chilly too,, well is a world of new taste ....

29 May 2011

learn is a daily affair .......

another entry made of what we do best , learn never stop and we Will never get enough .
Due to the enormous amount of picture we have , just love to Post what we do day by day and so i hope u will like

Chorizo can be a fresh sausage, in which case it must be cooked before eating, and the word  definite a variety of pork sausage from Spain


small starter to try


Aurora lamb, artichoke

Aurora Lamb 60 day grain-fed Tasmanian lamb is grown in the midlands of Tasmania and sold to both domestic and export markets.  Aurora Lamb is grain-fed after weaning, ensuring consistent quality and tenderness for every cut.
Aurora Lamb is completely free of added hormones and antibiotics.
The diet is comprised of 11 different grains and a couple of types of seaweed.  Aurora have developed this natural full grain diet that the lamb thrives on which is a very high protein mix and only use a minimum of feeds such as hay which is high in fibre.
This differentiates Aurora from most other lamb growers who finish their lambs on a high fibre diet. 
The diet delivers a meat that is just over 4% higher in moisture than most other lamb on the Australian market and it also has a little more intramuscular fat deposition (marbling). 


Platting with vegetable

warm onion tart salmon ,,,make your own stile of put the sauce

Beef tagliata with  cantaloupe  Rock melon ... try is so good

A cantaloupe (Cucumis melo, also known as rockmelon or muskmelon) and its cross-section. Pictured here is the North American cantaloupe, identifiable by its reticulated (net-like) skin, which is quite different in its outer appearance from the European cantaloupe, although both generally have orange flesh inside.

small bite

Oyster ,lemon jelly, caviar
risotto almond prawns bisque scallop

small caprese

mostarda , pan brioche serve with gorgonzola cheese

Italian mostarda is fruit preserved in syrup that gains quite a kick from a healthy jolt of powdered mustard seed, and is one of the standard condiments served with boiled meats in northern Italy (see the ultimate boiled dinner, fit for a king).

Though you'll find it from Piemonte on through the Veneto and down into Emilia Romagna, the best known variation is that from Cremona (Mostarda di Cremona), which is also produced commercially. According to Italian food scholar Antonio Piccinardi, the word mostarda derives from the French moustarde, which in turn derives from mouth ardent, fiery must, which was made by adding powdered mustard seed to unfermented grape must and cooking it down to produce an invigorating condiment.

caciucco time

Chinese Butter prawns on toast

Merry Christmas with a lemon tart

seabass ,lemon, tepanade

dessert platter

eggs , poached missen place , here how u do it

Choc , praline any one

cioccolatini :)


Butter Prawns Chinese way

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