23 May 2011

Fun never stop

So ......the most important of what ever u do is to have fun , with your guys in the kitchen .. at mean sometime:) But if i find who write this i willl F""""k

Keep the fun going ....
                               i think my guys doing this to have more girl ??? but i love it /...
Flower for missen place

vegetable caviar , carrot pipe

Gaspaccio , tart , prawns our Pre dinner



Cheese tart , goose liver castard , terrine

serve only fresh bread

BALL Sushi

rucola bresaola , Mushrooms tart and form , Lime scallop with tamago and rohe ??

Get the right Cheese

Cote  de Beouf  o Bone in Rib Eye :)


As i sayd we love play .. here our fun quail eggs

This my lunch

Chef seafood Ok ?

tomato inverted ravioli

Quail Eggs ............ hahahah


Agagr Agar sundried ravioli , Cheesy Cauliflower

Prepare Flower

Add caption

Quail eggs and balsamico , coucambers and alska crab

Smoky Salt

tamago and roll

Taufu "

No good

                                     And trust me u  enjoy even more when you  there

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