12 Jun 2011

Are you in for a wedding ? Here some cake

As all one of know different people, different need, different liking  .. and this  is what  happen when come to wedding, especially  if there are different religions and tradition . Here some deco of wedding cake  to show u the latest trend .
However a wedding cake to me are all beautiful in different way, as all of us has a different idea for his her special day .


Dragon and Poinex for the Chinese

Very cute , super nice for new couple

A very simple clean cut

Kimono Japan stile


Wish have a house like that

Chinese tea for the bride ?

Flower and butterfly o farfalle in italian

Fan for scare bad luck ?

Love this pics with heart carve inside the pastiliace ..

baby shoes

nice wish to the couple to have a pair of baby shoes

car for the wedding

For the Muslim couple

A very usual colour use in Muslim wedding


realy a nice work done by those guys

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