14 Jun 2011

Penang last day competition

WELL.. some one has to do it "boooooooh"... just as all the nicest thing in the world, finaly we have finish a 4 days of heavy work!
The final picture here, leaves to say HI and BYE to a friend and the love of my life "food"..and trust me it was beyond imaginary  what you see here below.

They put us in the jail..more like that i would say :D especially with the treatment of my fellow mates. But deep down my heart, i feel like no where close to home like Penang! Reminds me of the place where I use growing as a lad, looking at the beautiful social community and connection. Probably the only thing missing here was my cup of espresso and my dad yelling at me, so i am gratified and wish to say to everyone in  Penang THANK YOU!
Let not flow the wind to much and get back to what im trying to say..The Penang Chef "s Association Malaysia Chapter. Similar to those expos that u find 1000 over chefs, food , pastry , people , waiter racing for few kilometre  to send some drink ,soooo much to said... u can google it at http://www.penangchefs.com/ and http://www.battleofthechefs.com.my/...

Penang sea

Have you heard about a waiter in race?? trust me u can see this here...in make of what a nice show that and u can even watch from u boat,  with a cold beer .. Kudos guys
public a the waiter race

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 Nicely piped of butter made into a cake ,,, almost perfect ...keep it going



Stefan ,,,

Chefs at work...looks like no one us will be able to stand up!! Galore of foods

Eddy From Hong Kong

these guys heavenly tried  92 plate of pastas in a day ....I was with them .....am off to the gym soon :)

Waiter race ... u need to carry the drinks on the tray for 1km as part of the Marathon ....

Audee Cheah try to run with the waiter .....i heard him saying" i need water, pleeeeeease" :)

Waitress at the race...i am watching you!

(hollowen praline my favorite of all but cute in a way .....sinfully tempting)

other works of gelatin ....random

Well...in the end is one day of fun, joy and excitement..no more photos...jumping to the jacuzzi now! CIAO Penang, will definitely miss you!


  1. i wud like to try my hands on the terrine... gelatine one day.. :)
    lovely pics..

  2. great food and great photos! I too loved the Halloween praline :) but everything else was also done to a very high standard, it is good to see :)


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