10 Jul 2011

why I love Brasserie LE NORD ?, Paul Bocuse brasserie

I always been treat good in all the restaurants of Paul Bocuse , maybe cose i know him......
My favorrite last visit in Jenuary  was:  the Brasserie Le   Nord ,,,,, i think one star michelin..
 Paul  Bocuse  in Lyon a part his restaurant , has Brasserie LE NORD, Brasserie LE SUD, Brasserie de l’EST, Brasserie de l’OUEST, Brasserie ARGENSON.
I love Brasserie LE NORD  why ?
When I call they know me and , I got always, glass champagne , olive ,and Entree  by the manger and the chef,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, thank to Paul  ( Merci Paul ),and  best table and I can be there till the all eve ......   free cognac and coffee ....With out to mention that this place is cheap , super service and super food .....A place to recommend to all Of you ......... Do not try call under My Name J ...or reserve .... but please follow His exemple of food .. simple and nice ..... perfect .

The menu

The Place outside


that my bicycle ? yap i ride Lyon ...

My Sister with Marco ... i Finally get them to eat French Food ... They love it .. they did not use the bicycle

This is the napkin with a something special

this is the way that save u Shirt from food ,,,,,,, napkin with hole to place a u tie bottom shir

 I was  there twice so i took the menu pict.. for u guys enjoy

Sara and Marco ,,,, so nice see them happy ..

Spanish and italian  olives at the bar
Free goose liver Crem Brulee'

Thank U ... so nice

Inside the service is super ..

Cahmpagne ..  Love in the air ..

Onion soup .. to die for i t

Portobello mushrooms salad

Ascargot ,,,,,,,,,, heaven ,,

Crust of bread ad cheese in the onion soup

This is to keep warm u Pulet de Bresse au cream  with pilaw rice

Kidney ... My favorite

Pulet A la creme with pilaw rice >>>>>>>>> I want it more now now ..now ..

Terine of gooose liver , Jely , and onion compote

terderloin with red wine sauce


This i swear i put dowm my glass ......... Calf Liver ...OMG so nice , tender sososos .....

Grill dorade , portion at u table with vegetabel of the day

Is not yet fnish ?? Dessert Coming ..

Baba au rum

Cream Brule

Merengue of the house

if u like to know more or reser on line go to :

Dear Paul can i steal one of this :)?????   .... I just like it too much ( i may took one already.... )

Ciao Paul, see u soon again in Lyon

9 Jul 2011

Swiss here i come ...

Here is when I took the super train from France to Zurich, Thank u to Marcel Kofler and family..........  Imai ... to see at my first time Swiss the land of bank ,  cheese , Choc ,snap , Heidy and Peter, Cow , fondue  ,,,,,,,,, and so on,,,,,,,,,,,,,, It was minus 18 all the time, snow  ................Fell to be in the freezer .... Love it .

Disney ... no is not me is some else..
Train Picture .....Where are the Cow ,,,,,,,Humm mountain of cheese??? Cheesy ???

Part of gang ,,, we are in more than 12 ....

Just in case i wrong station ...

Ok those are my bag , the red , love it , the leather , buy in Lyon 150 Euro from second word war shop ,,, the guy owner call  H , Genevois ,,,,,,,, reject shop from army .. love it

Our hotel in  Swiss ? so here what they give u ..no choc :) wish have beer and wonder if i go to berlin waht's there ...

nice touch .....

Teddy bear ,,,, like those Gummy bear  ...

so well, a walk  around the Hotel just before dinner , we super tired , we did Venice , Treviso ,Lyon and now here so good..
very clean ,,,

the sushi roll or maki, may cost u like in Tokyo.....

but all choc ,, shop here are super nice and well decorated ...

and nice

Yap ,, BK does Fondue here .... Should we try  the fondue or find the girl ?

well first day we decide to go up the hill and visit the favourite rest of Marcel father a old traditional Swiss food fair,, love at the first sight

the rest is just 5 minutes from the hotel.. up the hilll

Menu ,,,, i miss those ,,,remind me when i was in the army in Tarvisio , near Austria ,,, Omg so long time ago ,,
 Alpini battaglione Julia ,Scaglione quinto 1990 , I Lupi  ( It was our regiment )

fianly beer ,,,,,,,, miss it

As we sayd , who go slow , go healty and  far, drink moore beer ...:)

Apple sauce

liver and rosti ...is a very common in Europe to eat ... liver , last time people were allow to eat only the inside of animal and meat was for the reach ... this is the same plate iIfind in my home town Venice , last week , last two day in Lyon now here ,,,

this is a veersion of Cordon Blue

HAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM................. Aplle sauce.....................................

Stew beef .... Boh ......ook like in broth ....

this I call Monte Bianco , Chestnut and cream ..or Mont blanch . long way long way my favourite sosoososos long time ago ...

Happy Birthday ,,,,,, and thank for the dinner we love it .......

Bus and tram in Zurich ...

Opps i forgot to put the Canton and city logo or place logo ... Swiss are so sensitive on that matter.... 4 Canton ,,, Valley .....
more to come  soon about Cheesy nation ...

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