6 Jul 2011

Lyon Market , Halles of Lyon - Paul Bocuse

Is been a long week in Lyon and after all the competition thingy underway, it was time to have a walk in one of my favorite place  ........

The central food market of Lyon!
This magical place for gourmets, where the whole world comes during the stay in Lyon , in this case during the Bocuse d’or competition , but also when it is a question of picking up a product of exception; opens up henceforth with a large window, topped with a glass roof on the Cours Lafayette, the covered market of Lyon .has the reputation it deserves.

It there Chef Paul Bocuse?
Before becoming one of the most world-famous Frenchman, he always did his marketing personally and one can still find in the alleyways, his favourite suppliers. The famous Mère Richard, the cheese maker, Maréchal, her alter ego, the fishmonger Pupier, the pork butchers Colette Sibilia and Gast.
Some others have come since then and have become just as illustrious:
 The butcher, Maurice Trolliet, "Meilleur Ouvrier de France" (best worker in his category), in whose shop exclusive meat can sometimes be found; Sève, the tremendous chocolate maker renowned for his salt macaroons; Bahadourian, Cellerier...

The "Halles de Lyon" all day long and all year long
You can have a good meal (mâchon as it is called in the region)  in the bouchons (typical restaurants of Lyon), and which are installed around the shops and where you can taste oysters, with a "pot" of Mâcon (white wine) at the stall of the oyster sellers. You will meet the best Chefs of Lyon and Rhône-Alpes (thus of the world) in the alleyways and they were all there, with their chef hats and aprons to honour Paul Bocuse, who now gives his name to the covered market of Lyon, which is perfectly justified.

Posters of  Malaysia's Culinary  Team in the Potrait Wall...LOVE IT!!

The official Plate Logo of this years Bocuse Competition

Fruits of the Sea

By mean if u never been here, there are so much to see and be happy about , colourful Maccarons are in every sight. Below there are two full pot of Saur Craut for the Cacrute ,,,,,, superb!! , tre manifique...

Andoille in cacrote version here are different , is actualy a salami filled with the intestine of the pig ! piggy of mine.. 

Fresh seafood Kiosk easy to locate, varity of fresh caught oyster , crussteceans and all these good to eat with a glass of  wine

Liver of Fish ( cod Family)

Ham/ Proscuitto/Jamon , what ever u name it ......

Pate in croute '' at your service BOSS .... anyone know or remember how to do it .... what a waste we dont see this much in our era...

snails with spinach ...are true pride to share of!! Lovely

Raspberries Galore...what more i can say if your reading this blog

spices and herbs...Indiano? oppps im still in France

Mostarda/fruit preserved into a candy like ....beware all sweet ladies

Vegetable in Oil..goodness MOM!! where are you?

Life is Full of Choices, Be a man and do the right thing =)

Baba Au rum preserves in sweetend RUM and gracious me Canelles ....had 3 at once in my mouth!

Our dried brother Mr Raspberry?

Mon amour .... Framboise!!

They have rights to shop too !! hahahaha

Green Tea, thats NICE

No word ...

These are sea urchin from Norway very colourfull...ok right, i know what are you thinking mate 

here what all started the salty maccaron !
if you are wondering where the 2 pieces missing? oppppsss

maybe a bit more of this ..

goose liver with almond maccaron

tart tart tart ....every where
With this u make the tart :)

Bellota jamon  ....... sure i just buy and gone taste ....fatty godnes ...

crispy choc ...

Guinea flow ,, i love to work with this ..in the my restaurant ,,, just after autum .. when they are fat and juicy ...

like i sayd tart tart tart ....

not only it melts in the mouth...but also my tummy once its inside

hungry again...

Siter and friends  will help me on the food

Fruit de mer ..........

superb .. belot

I love to eat sea urchin like that like we do in Sicily ,,,

terrine and chacruterie

fresh girolle from the forest of Spain

and here where they keep it

back to my younger days....prrrrrrrfff

Zafferan pecorino from corsica Minchia
Cheese wit out name , non  pastorize

I use to do it last time in Venice ...

Is nice to see this way how is the cake inside .......take this exemple chefs ..

And .... well i can write o post picture until ,,,u guys will be bored ,....  so just go over if happen to be there ,,,,,,,,,,, u would not regreat ...


  1. not bored with the pics... but HUNGRY...!!!!

  2. Hello Kitty!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The pictures of macarons are driving me crazy!


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