5 Jul 2011

My balls, at golf

First of all will like to thank u Pulai Spring resort for the Hospitality and the super week end .. Morning to every one....

Is been long time since I wanted shake my B..l and roll out my stress  ,,, so not worry this is one of is kind no food blog in raspberry 8+3 so sit down and relax ...........
So.. what"S nothing better that a trip down to Johor Baru..... , Golf , Room with butler ,...at the golf course , food , and my love one ..
Have to admit  i just had a hell of a nigh before ,,,,,the club ,at the club with the party club car  ... is happening ........  until the sun rise ,hhuuh hahahaha , wine, beer, whisky ... but i like gin tonic...i think I am  still drunk,,,,,

Party car AKA Club Car or Clubbing car ?

so bad ?? weak up .........

She take me home,  after the clubbing to the  breakfast  ?

yap she is my Caddy  today .. u guys are in with me ?

Girls are everywhere and just after a long night a the club,,,, is time to get  out my outfit and get ready to roll it down to more holes ............. 18 actually .
At mean have u see the girl?  that are the real Caddy ?? u better visit this place ...
 so good morning ,, rise and shine ... sun is hot

before go out just a small intros to my super accommodation :
this is  one of best bed ever sleep

and the other side of it u have dining room entrance etc... super super

is nice to weak up and have a coffee looking at my Challenge golf course

Of course we always need the papaprazzi to take our picture....

So en ought and time to go to play the game and show u around ...


ok ladies and gentleman , here we are look at this my magnificent hole and pick up ... look close the 4 pictures

                       Can u do that ..tks tsk tsk??? .............even the caddy clap it..

Love those lamp remind me home town

I went  in to this Bunker .. so badly

rainy day and time for a glass of wine .... we done for today i am down 5 to 1 will do better next time

Club house

at the  entrance of the room , I always love horse

as I  say a magnificent week_end  full of surprise and maybe  a lot of lie ,,,,,,,,,, who care anyway right.....

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