3 Jul 2011

shark liver and a day visit in Taipin Malaysia

It was during a side visit in Taping Malaysia that I have my first encounter with on of the kind food that I will for sure  explore more in my next menu , Shark Liver  and also  cartilage :  cook in Chinese way with dark soya sauce , chilli and onions , it is  such a superb dish , taste and texture same of a calf liver ....... unforgettable ...

shark liver

Shark liver represent 20 to  30% of the whole body .
and it is been a good delicatecy in South america and Exp Bermuda .
What i find also in the net is that :

Liver and the meat
Shark liver oil is obtained from  shark  that are caught for food purposes and are living in cold, deep oceans. The liver oil from sharks has been used by fishermen for centuries as a folk remedy for general health. It is purportedly useful for healing wounds, sores, irritations of the respiratory tract and the alimentary canal and for lymph node swelling.Traditionally, Bermudians rely on unique shark-oil based "barometers" to predict storms and other severe weather. Small bottles of oil are hung outside the boat

some shark

Steamed fish

Local blue fish or saba fried to crispy

Kankong with sambal

Fish porrige

Taipin is a city north of Malaysia very famous from his heritage and last time trading of tin mines and office of British colonial empire  .. here some shoot during my visit ..

Road arround the Taipin lake

Lake in the city

U still can fell the old Malaysia

the old market

MAchine to prepare sugar cane drink

Our food table

people on the road
the market inside

the city is in betwen mountain , sea,  with a center lake

Welll more to add to this visit ,,, love it


  1. Italian,

    Taiping is my home town and yes the shark liver is nice but seasonal,

    I am glad you enjoy you short side trip there. The activity there is during the night is to seat and drink and eat at the market square or the CASUAL market.

    Food is a plenty and natural streams and hillside wow something you should not miss

    Amir Gan

  2. thank u Amir :)


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