10 Jul 2011

why I love Brasserie LE NORD ?, Paul Bocuse brasserie

I always been treat good in all the restaurants of Paul Bocuse , maybe cose i know him......
My favorrite last visit in Jenuary  was:  the Brasserie Le   Nord ,,,,, i think one star michelin..
 Paul  Bocuse  in Lyon a part his restaurant , has Brasserie LE NORD, Brasserie LE SUD, Brasserie de l’EST, Brasserie de l’OUEST, Brasserie ARGENSON.
I love Brasserie LE NORD  why ?
When I call they know me and , I got always, glass champagne , olive ,and Entree  by the manger and the chef,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, thank to Paul  ( Merci Paul ),and  best table and I can be there till the all eve ......   free cognac and coffee ....With out to mention that this place is cheap , super service and super food .....A place to recommend to all Of you ......... Do not try call under My Name J ...or reserve .... but please follow His exemple of food .. simple and nice ..... perfect .

The menu

The Place outside


that my bicycle ? yap i ride Lyon ...

My Sister with Marco ... i Finally get them to eat French Food ... They love it .. they did not use the bicycle

This is the napkin with a something special

this is the way that save u Shirt from food ,,,,,,, napkin with hole to place a u tie bottom shir

 I was  there twice so i took the menu pict.. for u guys enjoy

Sara and Marco ,,,, so nice see them happy ..

Spanish and italian  olives at the bar
Free goose liver Crem Brulee'

Thank U ... so nice

Inside the service is super ..

Cahmpagne ..  Love in the air ..

Onion soup .. to die for i t

Portobello mushrooms salad

Ascargot ,,,,,,,,,, heaven ,,

Crust of bread ad cheese in the onion soup

This is to keep warm u Pulet de Bresse au cream  with pilaw rice

Kidney ... My favorite

Pulet A la creme with pilaw rice >>>>>>>>> I want it more now now ..now ..

Terine of gooose liver , Jely , and onion compote

terderloin with red wine sauce


This i swear i put dowm my glass ......... Calf Liver ...OMG so nice , tender sososos .....

Grill dorade , portion at u table with vegetabel of the day

Is not yet fnish ?? Dessert Coming ..

Baba au rum

Cream Brule

Merengue of the house

if u like to know more or reser on line go to :

Dear Paul can i steal one of this :)?????   .... I just like it too much ( i may took one already.... )

Ciao Paul, see u soon again in Lyon

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