1 Sep 2011

Thai herbs , Thai veg Restaurant and Look out point in Kuala Lumpur

last few days in a lazy  evening trip to a Thai restaurant near the Look out point of Kl , again i realise the important of the Thai herbs in the own food , and here something to share with u guys        ...

Herbs and Spices of Thai Cuisine

Basil                            There are several kinds of basil used in Thai cooking.  Holy (or
(Horapa)                     sacred) which has a spicy flavor, Sweet which has a licorice aftertaste, and Lemon which is used in Keang Leang Soup and has a citrus aroma.

Caradamon                  Cardamon pods are green, white or brown and are used to enhance
(long Gra Wan)           both sweet and savory dishes.  It is widely used in curries in India.

Chillies                        Chillies were introduced to Thai cooking in the late 1600’s by
(Prik)                           Portuguese Missionaries.  More than ten varieties of chillies are used in Thai cooking.  They vary in taste from mild to fiery hot.  The smaller the chillies, the hotter the taste!

Cloves                         Cloves are used to make curry paste and are often mixed with betel
Gaan Ploo)                  nut (the seed of the betel palm).  Cloves are the dried unopened flower buds of a small evergreen tree.

Citron                          A glove shaped green/yellow citrus fruit with a thick aromatic
(Som Saa)                    skin with a flavor unlike that of any other citrus fruit.  It is used throughout Asia to flavor foods and to make candied peel.

Coriander                     Coriander has a very pleasant fragrance and taste.  It is used to
(Pak Chee)                   flavor soups and curries as well as sweet dishes.  It is also an essential ingredient in curry powder.  Thai Coriander has a flat broad leaf with a serrated edge.

Cumin                          Similar looking to Caraway and used in spicy dishes.  Cumin has a
(Yee Raa)                     strong bitter taste, a pronounced aroma and a distinctive warm flavor when used in cooking.

Galangal                      Also knows as “Siamese Ginger”, Galangal grows as a rhizome
(Kha)                           and has roots larger than common ginger.  It is a popular ingredient in curries and an essential component of Thai curry pastes.

Garlic                           Both Thai and Burmese garlic (which has slighter larger cloves or
(Gra-Tiem)                   bulbs) are widely used in Thai cuisine. 

Ginger                          Thai ancient spice is indispensable to Thai cuisine and is one of the
(Khing)                        most extensively used spices in Asian cooking.  It has a hot and slightly biting flavor and can be used to make a very pleasant tea.  Ginger is also a natural painkiller.

Jasmine                        Jasmine flower buds are picked in the evening before they open
(Mali)                          and are used to scent beverages and desserts.

Kaffir Lime                 Used in flavoring, the Kaffir Lime is a knobby, dark green citrus
(Ma-Grut)                    fruit.  It is used in beverages and also makes an excellent hair conditioner.

Lemongrass                 Lemongrass is wisely used in clear soups, or pounded to a paste
(Ta-Krai)                     with other ingredients.  It remains fibrous after cooking so should not be chewed.  It also makes a refreshing tea.

Mint                             Mint is used both as a flavoring and a vegetable.  It contains
(Saranae)                    essential oils and has a very distinct flavor and aroma.

Pandanus Leaf             A long, narrow green leaf used for adding flavor and color.  It can
(Bai Toey)                    be used to wrap some dishes (eg chicken) as part of their presentation and also makes a very pale green cake or ice cream.

Pepper                         Pepper was once so highly valued that it was traded ounce for
(Prik-Thai)                   ounce with gold.  Peppercorns can be green, black, red or white.  It also grows in an elongated form called “long pepper”.

Sesasme                       These black or white seeds are used to make oil, add flavor, or as a
(Nga)                           garnish.

Shallots                        Small red onions with a mild taste, used to enhance the flavors of
(Horm Daeng)             ingredients to which they are added.

Spring Onions              These long green-stemmed small onions are used as a garnish for
(Torn Horm)                soups, salads and vegetable dishes.

Tamarind                     Used as a souring agent and goes particularly well wish fish and
(Ma Kham)                  poultry dishes.  Has a slightly sweet aroma and a pleasantly sour, fruity taste.  It is used to make hot and sour soups and also used in curries.  Thais eat it in a candied form covered in sugar.  It is also a highly effective silver cleaner!

Tumeric                       A member of the ginger family, turmeric is often confused with
(Kha Min)                    Saffron.  An essential ingredient in curry powder and an important flavoring in Thai cuisine.  In the West is it often added to mustard blends. 

Any way as i told u, I am  direct to this restaurant call Thai Veg Farm a  300 meters above the sea restaurant near Kl :This restaurant has
been very popular among my friend , and not surprisingly take u a very good effort on dark road to reach there .When u  reach do expect nothing less of a super crowded restaurant,   where easily there are 200 tables and hundreds of peoples...
good  Thai food , incredible scenarios , Thai hospitality, beer  and tody the famous coconut drink ....
to go there please use a GPS in my case ..
i have my live GPS aunt Veron with me ( love u Aunt ) ,,, trust me is not a easy task to find the place ( u will pass near By look out point before to reach)  

to knowmore : http://www.fishfarmthai.com/ or use GPS no3* 07.783/ e101*48.300

Crowded  restaurant ...

Display of veg , fruits and seafood ,all
 to be chosen and cook as u like ...

At the Veg Fish farm http://www.fishfarmthai.com/   crab grill ,,, superb charcoal grill where u can make u seafood

First two pics are mine

Fresh veg ,,,,,,, later in my plate ...

Tom Yam , good..

chicken feet salad

Love the lantern

Thai dessert

in case of complain here the guys u can talk with ....if not try the others ...

The seating of the restaurant in the lake.....
House special fresh fish farmed , Telapia ....

Thai holy basil

Telapia  , she was ten  minutes ago at the bottom of my feet in the lake ........ now steam at my table ...


cook serve with spicy sauce ,, shell fish
salad near by... 

So after the wonderfully dinner thank u to my new live GPS ... kidding i love u aunt u relay fun exp drinking tody with u ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,( Next Veron we go beer and karaoke )..... time to go to look out point.
See Kl from the top ..and at 300  meters above the sea ... u can have a good look at Kl the valley .... here we go ...

Love this .......

Like this image ....................

So after good dinner good company and a good see of kl ,,, time to go sleep....t to reach there and to know more please look in to :


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