3 Sep 2011

caviar ... stop the killing ..... why, sturgeons will disappear from our sea and river ...

Hope u guys can  read this ........... and help to legalize the caviar consumption ,and  stop to help illegal trade .
We need to stoop and rethink ,maybe we still have time .... 

About Caviar
Chav-Jar, or caviar, a delicacy. Epicureans are lyrical at the thought of a spoonful of the eggs. It is one of the most expensive edible products in the world (only saffron is more expensive per weight), but that is not always the case. In  here a story about the history, background and species but also of the recent threats that could help ease that caviar will soon only be found in museums .
 In medieval times was known as a royal sturgeon fish. King Edward II of England issued a decree that a sturgeon caught must always be given to a lord.
The Persians were probably the first caviar-eaters. They called it Chav-Jar, which means something as powerful cake. The Persians believed that caviar and  their stamina can enhanced potency to a man .Same was consider also during   Louis XIV, in France.
 The  Russian  czars have always been big fans and acted as ambassador from the black gold and at state banquets they were  always give a prominent place to caviar . Sources say that Nicholas II, made a  special tax for sturgeon fishing, with a annual 11 tons of caviar top-gathering.
Caviar in the course of history not always been expensive and rare. Around 1900, the sturgeon eggs  were in the taverns and saloons of American cities as it is today served with peanuts . Around 1900 U.S. production was 75 tons per year, mostly from the Delaware River in New Jersey. The main production site was Penns Grove. At that time, so say the chronicles, there was the Hudson River to find so many sturgeon, the fish known as Albany beef. Steak for the poor. In other places in sturgeon and caviar weald were certainly no rarity at that time. Large quantities of caviar were made  in the Gironde, the North Sea and Baltic Sea. French caviar cost in 1899 is 20 centimes per kilo, ten years later was already paid for twice. But even so the caviar prices are still comparable to bread!
In the first half of the twentieth century, world production mainly was a  Russian affair. Even the Russians had managed to fishing grounds in the Persian concession sea.
 In  recent 1953 began , with Persia (now Iran) the export caviar, which was established after the state Shilat. Both countries together make about 90% of export production from the present world production , (  say that,  by official figures).

The types:Caviar is the mass unfertilized eggs of the sturgeon. Three species of sturgeon are caught for caviar production: the Beluga, Sevruga and the Oscietra. These names also point directly to the caviar types, types with major differences.
The water of the oceans and rivers has hundreds if not thousands more species. But not all are use for the eggs .

• BelugaThe Beluga is a large and strong fish,  this sturgeon is the only carnivore (meat eater).In the Caspian Sea, it can  be found as long as  3 meters long and weigh over a ton. The caviar yield in such cases may be 200 kg. With her toothless mouth, it  sucks in everything around him with strong  power to capture  big fish like carps and salmon  inside the mouth, it Feeds mostly on sea fishes Black Sea whiting, anchovies, flatfishes, gobies and  also crustace   . The species is so rare now that each year only 100 adults are catch , with a maximum weight of about 300 kg. Beluga take about  15-years to produce eggs. The largest generally accepted record is of a female taken in 1827 in the  Volga Estuary at 1,476 kg (3,250 lb) and 7.2 m (24 ft). Is found primarily in the Caspian and black basins, and occasionally in the Adriatic Seas— the beluga is a huge and late-maturing fish that can live for 118 years. With ' ability to survive in  seawater It will only come to the river, water, for” Spawn “or as simple as fertilize the eggs with sperm ..

Ociëtra• Ociëtra
The Ociëtra, also referred to Asetra is predominantly medium and algae eater. She has a pointed snout which helps her rooting in the mud. She is 2 meters long and weigh 200 pounds, but that is rare. The average catch weight is 40-60 pounds. Ociëtra produces the eggs from the 12th year of life.

Sevruga• Sevruga
Sevruga is the smallest of the three and distinguished by its slender form and trumpet-shaped snout. The maximum length can amount to 15 meters, the average catch weight is 25 pounds. This is good for 2.5 kg of caviar. Sevruga the beginning of her egg production between the 7th and 12th year of life.

Caviar and caviar:So there are three main types on the market, indicated by the type of fish from which caviar are from n. According to experts among the three species there  are not large differences in taste, to distinguish, at least when all the species  are under the same conditions fish, collected ( eggs ), processed, packaged and distributed: Blind tastings confirm that.
So Why are there such large price differences?
Few things has to be   highlighted: The bite, the size of the eggs, the colour, and those are  the differences that crate the price variance .
Of course the are  other factors that  play  role, . Thus, as the eggs of the Beluga, with  fragile shell,  and therefore the least easy to keep and handle:.  But we doubt that colour differences in the Beluga an actual price difference worth. The light-collared Beluga Indeed, exactly the same taste as the dark.

Beluga Caviar
The expensive Beluga caviar is known for the size of the eggs and the typical bite. The colour can be silver or black, usually dark gray to light gray. The larger the eggs are, the higher the price. This also applies to colour: the lighter, more expensive.

Ociëtra Caviar
Caviar is the Ociëtra black to steel gray in colour, even greenish. The aroma is somewhat nuts to think. The harder shell makes the species less vulnerable and gives a typical bite. The subspecies Karaburun (Imperial) has similar properties but is rather yellow-brown to golden in colour.

Sevruga Caviar
Sevruga Caviar Sevruga caviar is dark gray and is known for its delicate and aromatic taste. This kind of structure is fine and has a smaller scale. This is the type Sevruga for the true connoisseur, the taste is more important than colour.
Well  other ....
Barrel caviar
Sometimes people in the live time  will encounter  barrel-salt caviar  . This is not a special kind but a different preserve method.
The caviar is not packaged in small tins, but in barrels. The salt concentration is high and the osmotic percentage  can be high, hence it does not let moisture in .

Quality of it .....
Throughout this article we see that many factors play a role in the final product quality. Assessing the fish, winning the calf, selecting, salting, packing, distribution, every step is has a  importance. The restaurateur who wants to buy caviar, may do best with a trusted supplier that has all the expertise. It may seem like such an interesting Russian sailor cheap caviar offered in the (quasi-) original packaging, nine times out of ten it will be a bad buy. Illegal production and mafia practices are simply no guarantee of quality.

Production Once an adult sturgeon is  caught in the large grid (eggs are to be remove without kill him).The fish after his catch  , get a slap  with a wooden clap   on the head. Once on land the fish if necessary get a second  slap,as we said they should remain sedated during the process. At the  work place , lab or home the Sturgeon is  or throw  cut open. ( in aquaculture sedative are use or electro shook been applied ).
The eggs bags s   will be remove  gently,  squeezed  and sorted by size with usage of arms and  sieve .  The eggs are collected in a bowl and flushed thoroughly with water to remove any impurity and  iniquities., them salted and packet .Caviar eggs are  classify according to size and color. The lightest caviar gets the color code 000, the dark and the black one gets 00 0.. To the best caviar, the mallosol (small star), are salted  with  add of  up to 5% and non less than  3% of salt :  If not salted caviar will not taste of nothing .
 Other grades of caviar , have more salt, and are therefore easy to preserve . The salt is also not only  use as a preservative,  but it also affects the bite because the eggs have a firmer structure. Unsalted caviar tastes of nothing.
 Today salt is not sufficient to guarantee a long shelf life, especially when it comes to export caviar. Hence, along with the salt also another preservative is added , borax. This drug is banned in the United States.

A look close to the Caviar Will caviar survive to sale up to tomorrow in our restaurant ?
 Experts say that is doubtful, because the threats are great. If the statistics do not cheat, and why would they, then the main sturgeon species are only about ten years of accredited zoos aquarium on display.
The sturgeon is a fish that, like the lamproie (see Saisonnier Autumn 1998), should have been long extinct. At least when we look at the average life cycle of the  species . He or she swam all around when the dinosaurs was around and for all  those millions of years that  were not greatest natural enemies to  harm him.......but ...... Unfortunately, the sturgeon in recent years had find  lots of  enemies.....
DR Lotfollah Saidi, vice president of the Iranian Fisheries Institute: "In 1990 there were 200 million sturgeons on Earth, in 1995 the number had dropped to 60 million". How many will now be ?
 The causes for the decline of the sturgeon are mainly found in , and around the Caspian and Black Sea and the subsequent debouching rivers, the waters where the largest populations of sturgeon are found . Men’s, pollution, river dams and overfishing, has bring the sturgeon to extinction.

Several countries around the vast inland seas face with their legacy from the communist era. Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Georgia and Romania.  There  , Oil tankers are washed clean of their old rigs and  pesticides  are seeping through streams and rivers into the sea. Slowly but surely, the Black Sea and Caspian Sea, where oil has become rubbish dumps, and pesticides are almost more common than fresh water. 90% of the 1100 meters deep Black Sea contains no live longer.
As example  The city of Batumi in Georgia, once a bustling fishing port, currently has less than ten professional fishermen. Elsewhere, in Iran, the environmental situation is much better. But it has huge sturgeon problems, because  of  a less  record  of the fish's spawning.

Dams,,,, the river problems ......

To reproduce, the sturgeon swim up river to his birthplace. There , the eggs are laid, and after born  the little fish go back out to sea. Here a  problem where rivers dams have been constructed and so the natural travel is stop . For other species, like  the salmon is not a problem because he can jump, but not for the sturgeon .As example  in , the Danube there  are currently two dams and  for the sturgeons are  almost impossible to reach its spawning grounds with the result of  life cycles  disturb , with not  mate,  and produce of  no progeny.

Overfishing by commercial fishermen are been try to be regulate by country  And so regulation has been try to place and number have been regulated , but .....In recent years however, a different kind of overfishing occur. The fall of the Berlin Wall , and communist country  , meant that the Eastern Europeans were looking at  a washing machine, a video and a car. On the other hand, they noticed that the Western market paid  for astronomical prices the caviar. And so did hundreds of thousands of people in their free time suddenly concentrate on catching sturgeon. Some estimates claim that 90% of current world supply is  illegal caviar.
 One catches a sturgeon, is cut it open on the kitchen table , eggs wash and overdose of preservatives  are can and ready to sell:  In the ports of Antes  and Rotterdam and all over the word , those cans  are sell  by Russian sailors .
Another consequence of the illegality: most sturgeon caught by amateurs, do  contain immature  caviar.  And if we think that that is only detected after cutting open the fish, we can image the demage to the world population of it .

New regulations  to prevent this ??????????Several organizations such as WWF and TRAFFIC (Trade Records Analysis or Flora and Fauna in Commerce),  has keep the sturgeon population monitoring with great concern. They have contributed to ensuring that 118 countries by the Treaty according CITES (Convention of International Trade in Endangered Species) signed an accord . All countries of the European Union, including Belgium and the Netherlands ratified this convention, which make the  trade of this  products from endangered species curbs.
Famous examples that always get the press are ivory, monkeys and seal furs, caviar-making recently are also species such as beluga, sevruga and Ociëtra, but also the Chinese Amur, Kaluga and Yangtze on the blacklist.
In March 1998 a binding arrangement were arrange  for all countries, in particular the need to combat illegality and over fishing. And  the production in legal and quotas.
 The former Soviet states Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Ukraine signed the convention. It is now forbidden to import from that country, unless he gets permission from CITES.
The new legislation is comprehensive and explains the world of caviar really restricted. Thus, any future cross border transport of more than 250 grams of caviar and should be reported to CITES shipments include certificates of origin accompanied, On the s CITES world map.

Too late??????????????//

The global initiatives, including the environment, were urgently needed , but do not they come too late? The Black Sea has lost its self-cleaning because there are hardly present in the plankton. The overall pollution inhibits the sunlight, allowing natural photosynthesis no longer exist. Dams of concrete in the river remain  and so it's still the question whether police is  really something and  CITES and the illegal catch stopping  can help.
Everything indicates that several sturgeon species, despite all measures, will soon be almost entirely extinct. This fact is now for the Beluga. Hence, we would not be surprised if between now  and ten years a  caviar wild catch product will be absolutely prohibited , and with it also we hope so , with maybe the help of all the chefs and consuer to serve more cultivated caviar and combat against the illegal trade of it .

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