28 Sep 2011

Faces of Malaysia food hotel 2011 second part

As per every saloon culinary,  we have to thank all  - the chefs, F & B, judges,.............. all ,  from the cleaner to the sponsors ...1300 chefs took part in the competition ,,,,,,,,,,,
Here is a blog roll ... filled of a million words listen here and there.....hope u enjoy it

the stingy .....why  never give all gold this year ?
too many chefs  spoil the soup ..... is time that  some one open a new theatre school

committee good but ,only,make always win , the  own chefs ....

tooooooooooooo big , no practical .... in Germany this can not..... La ,,,,,

How is the standard ,,, here the answer , like an arm, some fingers are long , some are short , and much more is been miss... from another arms and chefs
Some one want to fly high ....

are Pastry too sweet and too much ?

some judge are been not happy and petrified....?? what the judgment ?

no speech Americano ....

 the new guys need to clean and polish the  skill

where are the loser ? do we see them ,..

do they minced it .....

do they made cocktail out of it and get drunk .....

real wonder if the artist understood what is the team this year ..

is relay true that the Chinese food been improve too much to go for star Michelin ... at mean ruby Star or Emerald ?

well again no speak Italian ...

cod is a fish endanger in the ocean ?
do judge looking at Beauty ?????????


do some one steal the medal ?

 do the love still exist for the chef and FnB

 we have lots of winner ..
thank u,,,,, i know i am always the winner ..this means how much  i love raspberry ,,,,

Is this real Malay food ?

do we try make  the ocean ....... but we suppose to do flower .........

Umm...... the work is really good ,,how to judge

the real mobile cook.............. full of desserts ..
Malay food would look like that ,,,,and when we go to London ?
chef is always me the joker...........of last year .. i did it again ....  i fill u FB page full of rubbish everyday ....

are there the same guys talking about  salary?  political  ?  are they  member of....?....fish can't talk and they better be in the water ,,,,,,,, any way chefs, here ur increment and the chefs found in gold ....

they keep, only the crazy chef behind the glass :) ,,,are they dangerous ?
do we need to slap or punch them ...
no speech yet  .. but ....We still love u all no matter, what u did or what u done 

Some chef have to go back home by boat ,no more money ...


thank u guys to remember who i am ....time  to say bye and see u next year                   


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