10 Sep 2011

Malacca river

Well this river use to be one of the most used back to  century ago........food , boat .....
wonder how it was ...... i ear about Opium trade during this century,story of men in the tall head waiting to be bring down to the river to have some sex with prostitute ,,, i ear also Japanese hanging head of human from the bridge....  i need to see it,,, i when to night cruise yesterday ... but  I prefer take a walk .. and is a long nice walk ..10Km

The Malacca has plaid  an important role in the development of Malacca. It was near the mouth of this river that the Hindu prince Parameswara of Sumatra settled and established his sultanate, at the beginning of the 15th century..

Malacca River became an important conduit for trade; from the Portuguese era till now , In addition, it was a source of fresh water. The river enabled access to the interior, and provided a means for forest produce such as rattan, canes, gums and resins, to be brought down to the market. The Portuguese was able to conquer Malacca by seizing control of the river; to do this they burned the bridge across it.

Boat traveling up and down ...

In the 19th century, the wealthy Straits Chinese bought properties on the northwest bank of the river, along roads such as Heeren and Jonker Streets. These Chinese households are urban, built of bricks, are uniform and numbered, and contrast sharply with the traditional kampung houses of the Malays.
Today, the Malacca River has been cleaned up and rehabilitated. Smart looking (and underused) cafes line its banks...
the Malacca River boat ride. The ride takes 45 minutes. Due to tidal conditions, the boat ride is only available during high tide, so visitors are advised to check on this beforehand.  The ride takes you along the river from the mouth all the way to Kampung Morten, covering a distance of 10 km.
 As walk or cruise 
up the river, you will be able to see old shop houses along its banks. These shophouses have their warehouses, called godowns (after the Malay word gudang), built at their back, so that goods can unloaded directly from the river into them. Up until 2001, it was still possible to see boats unloading timber from Indonesia.

After the Malacca Bridge near the Dutch Square, the second bridge you will pass under is the Chan Boon Cheng Bridge. Originally, a steel fabricated bridge built in 1908 linked the old quarters of Chinatown (called Kampung Pantai) on the west bank of the river to Jalan Bunga Raya, the road leading into the new sector of Malacca New Chinat. During the Japanese Occupation, from 1942 to 1945, the Japanese forces placed the beheaded heads of their victims at the foot of this bridge as a warning to the Malacca community to toe the line.

After the Chan Boon Cheng Bridge, the next bridge across the river is a foot bridge which the locals casll gost bridge .
The final sight before heading back on your cruise is the famous "Kampung Morten" on the left bank. This is a typical Malay kampung or village
soguys now weknow time to see it from my camera ...

and where's the head ???????/who took away it .... any more jap here?????

the old wheel ,, near the Dutch piazza is where u Will start the journey with the river

always love those gate ...

U can find some lovely fruits ..just on the tree of walk way .

is very hot ,, but not to worry there are plenty of place when u walk .. to stop and buy water

Couple in love ,,, on a hot afternoon

People still leaving as per normal .. and u will find many of them on u walk /..

this remind me Napoli in south Italy , wonder if that is a bra ...

walking down ... to the river

plenty of animal , bird , fish , crab ,, even does the water is not so clean

there are  few bridges...................four on u wallk way ....

on the way u walk u will find lot of people plain chest ....

my favorite ...

Ya do not forget this is a walk way near the river

always love those house ..is hot this afternoon

Malay house at the kampung

If u turn the other side of the walk way ,, in front of the kampung u will have a very natural ,,, way ..

here there is a more natulal way to see the mangrove

there are  temple, church,,, here my horoscope a golden fish 

wana eat ? cafe tea o me ????

ingor,,,,,,,,,,,,, the dog

Love so much this picture

this is the last bridge ,,,,,,,,,,,,,time go back

dragon fruits

a lantern in .......... just  outside the mortuary place ::

A old cinema ..here there are four language so ,,u have different sight board

At the night in the boat is a different world .. here some shoot ...

the luna park .... on  the right side ,,,,,

as they Say here in Malaysia  here in this board  ,...      see u and thank ..

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