30 Sep 2011

Nonya Food the legacy part two

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So Peranakan Chinese and Baba-Nyonya are terms used for the descendants of late 15th and 16th-century Chinese immigrants to the Malaysian Archipelago and  of Nusantara during the Colonial era.

Members of this community in Melaka address themselves as "Nyonya Baba" instead of "Baba-Nyonya". Nyonya is the term for the ladies and Baba for the gentlemen

one  of the most interesting dish a prawns curry with pine Apple .. relay light ....and nice

duck soup
 The Peranakan retained most of their ethnic and religious origins (such as ancestor worship), but assimilated the language and culture of the Malays. The Nyonya's clothing, Baju Panjang (Long Dress) was adapted from the native Malay's Baju Kurung. It is worn with a batik sarong (batik wrap-around skirt) and 3 kerosang (brooches). Beaded slippers called Kasot Manek were a hand-made made with much skill and patience: strung, beaded and sewn onto canvas with tiny faceted glass beads from Bohemia (present-day Czech Republic).

Here down also one esemple of Kebaya most fashionable now days

Kebaya in Malacca

Nyonya food originating from the North of Malaysia - Penang, and Nyonya food originating from the South - Malacca and Singapore, have distinct differences.

Nyonya cooking in the South has an Indonesian influence. The food is generally sweeter, richer with liberal use of coconut milk and more traditional Malay spices. In Malacca especially, Nyonya cooking is heavily influenced by Portuguese-Eurasian style of cooking. Many Nyonya dishes are indistinguishable from Portuguese-Eurasian dishes, with both kitchens using similar ingredients and methods of cooking.

love those basket

carrot and turnip cake .. very nice

ready to be take away ....

Nonya house in Malacca here the Ex Malacca minister residence

shop house in Malacca

some of the other signature dishes included Ayam Buah Keluak (which can take up to a week to prepare the nuts) normally the poisons for the nuts , is take away washining in water for a month  

exemple of different condiment and  AchaR

the big one are banana flower ..

Sambal Kancong or vegetable

dry Bean curd, vegetable and glass noodle


Duck kapitan

condiment ..... Noddle for Assam laksa ....

Ikan goren .....

the most famous assam laksa .......best as ever

Prawns with petai ...

well lot to talk more but even more to eat ...Enjoy

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