15 Sep 2011

Risotto Milanese with bone marrow

Risottto alla Milanese

Risotto rice                                          500 gm
Onion (chopped)                                    20 gm
Extra virgin olive oil                            100 ml
Saffron fiber                                            2 gm
Soak the filament of saffron in ½ cup of water one hour before
Beef stock                                            1,5 liter
Whote wine                                         1 glass
Bonne marrow cut in slice bone in       500 gm
Bone marrow slice                              5pcs
* this is a optional as u can remove part of u felling inside the bone marrow before back it
Flour                                                       some
Parmiggiano reggiano                          100 gm
Butter                                                     50 gm
Seasoning (salt & pepper)                     to taste
*Braised onion                                                 2spoon


*For Onion braised : cut julienne few onion, , make it sweet in a small casserole addd some veal juice and braise till tender , seasoning .

Take the bone, and place it in a baking tray, add some olive oil, seasoning and pass into the oven at 180 ºC for 10 to 15 minutes, take out and place aside keep warm

 Heat olive oil on medium heat in a casserole . With a wooden spoon, pan-fry onions. ‘Toast’ the rice in this hot oil for 1 minute. Add wine, let it evaporate for a few seconds. Add a little of the beef stock. Stir in saffron threads (with soaking water). Keep adding the rest of the stock, a little at a time. Keep stirring with the wooden spoon for 18 minutes or until rice appears dry. Remove from heat. Add butter and parmesan. Mix well with the wooden spoon.

Warm up the onion marmalade ,and in a non stick pan pan-fried the bone marrow slice coated in flour; cook both part and remove outside

Spoon some risotto on the serving plate. Arrange a marrow bone in the centre , topped with onion braised . Top with bone marrow slices. Garnish with Italian parsley if desired.

Traditionally  only the slice of bone marrow sauté’ in butter is place on top of the risotto.

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