12 Sep 2011

Risotto Rice intro and risotto truffe and risotto with Calamari

this is from My Cook book .. so this was the so call dirty copy ..

Risotto rice
This how Italian enjoys eating their own rice:
Stolen from Chinese land tousled year ago from the priest and broth over Italy, rice has been cultivated largely in the north part and the centre of it. The difference of this rice is still in the working process to the Preparation of the grain.
Most of the risotto has different species and appellation and each one has is own role recommended in the way of cooking: arborio for risotto, cannaroli for the soup vialone nano, parboiled for cold salad and even paella etc,etc.
Use to be a food for accompany other main dishes; it has developed with the last century unique way to cook and be prepared.
Mostly risotto are been served firm, “ mantecato   for all Preparation with vegetable or meat  or  allonda ‘ a bite wet  like wavy ,for seafood Preparation , boil or steam , with various condiment or in soup ,. .
Now days it has   find much new application, as it start to be pan-fried, use for paella, dessert etc, etc.
Here some suggestion on the make in.
First as per normal you freshens of ingredient, but in this case for the risotto only a good stock made in the right way will make the best.
A normal risotto takes 18 to 20 minutes to cook, it common practice in the traditional way of cooking that the risotto has to be cook in tall casserole at slow fire, 80 gm of rice is the dose recommended.
Good risotto is cook at slow fire in deep casserole , the  risotto rice, have to be to toast in the oil or butter, as it will keep longer the al dente status.
A good risotto is always stir with wood spoon continually, and the stock is add into ,always boiling ,little  by little .This attention will help the starch on it to create a creamy consistency on it .
When it finish to cook after 18 minutes, and is dry , take out from the fire ,and add the butter and cheese, mix well with the spoon too whip ‘ mantecare”
Now days all those attention change to chef to chef as some one do not even stir the risotto as they bake, some just serve it  plain , some add only whipping cream to the traditional butter , etc ….
I personally use more or less all the technique.
Personally I still prefer that one of my friend Daniele: when he does the risotto he will sing to it, love and passion according to him change the taste ………….
Here some of the risotto rice found in Italy with some specification from the simple to the more refined risotto rice
Tips of classification: name of the rice ; usage recommended ;and cooking time  

Risotto Commune; Originario ; for dessert and soup , cooking 14 min ,
Risotto rice Riso Semi Fino ;Matarelli,Ardizzone for soup and risotto; cooking time    15 min.
Risotto rice Riso Fino Fino:Vialone Namo , Roma Razza 77 for  risotti,stacking, cooking time  16 minutes
Risotto rice to super fini  ;Cannaroli, Arborio  , for risotto cooking time 18 minutes .

All The Following Risotto Use Cannaroli Or Arborio

Risotto rice with truffle

Preparation time: 20 minutes cooking time: 18 minutes; serves: 6

Risotto rice                                          500 gm
Beef consomee’or chicken                   1.5 liter
Make sure the consommé boiling during the cooking
Onion (chopped)                                   50 gm
White truffle                                                     10 ml
Black truffle (fresh)                              10 gm
Fresh cream whipped                            40 gm
Extra virgin olive oil                              ½ cup
Parmiggiano reggiano                           50 gm
Seasoning                                              to taste

Heat up pan with oil and cook until golden the chopped onion with the help a wood spoon. Add the risotto rice, toasted on the oil for a minute, add white wine and let it evaporate. Continue the cooking to the end with the additional of the stock little by little and always take care to stir it with the wood spoon.

Pay attention when adding the stock, little by little, and stir continually as the risotto rice, will look creamier at the end. When the risotto is cooked, it will look dry. Remove from heat.

Add the truffle oil, whipping cream, parmiggiano reggiano and whip vigorously.
Put on a plate with slice the black truffle on top. Serve with crushed pepper.

This preparation is very expensive, and ingredient may not be easy to find in all grocery.
How ever the result of this dish will be memorable. If in season, you may try the same recipe with the white truffle, with it do not use the truffle oil.

The white truffle from Alba, Italy, is one of the most expensive food in the world (USD 3000 to 4000 per kg) and the season is during September to December. White truffle is always served raw, thinly sliced on top of the food because of the unique flavour  and wonderful smell that will add to  dish.

Risotto with calamari, tomato and olive, flavored with blood orange skin 

Preparation time: 1 hour cooking, time: see below; serves: 6

Risotto rice                                                      500 gm
Baby squid (clean)                                          500 gm
Tomato sauce                                                  100 gm
Fresh tomato (blend)                                       100 gm
With out skin and seed
Tomato sauce                                                  100 gm
Fish stock                                                        1 liter
White wine                                                      2 glass
Seasoning                                                        to taste
Black liguria olive                                           200 gm
Parsley                                                             20 gm
Basil leave                                                        20 gm
Cherry tomato (cut in wedges)                       some
Parmiggiano reggiano                                      80 gm
Butter                                                               80 gm
Extra virgin olive oil                                       1 cup
Seasoning                                                        to taste
Orange caramelize * see below

Clean, wash and peel squid: keep only the body .Take the olive, remove seed and cut it quarter. In a pan with extra virgin olive oil, pan fry the chopped onion cook at slow fire add in olives, blended fresh tomato, white wine and let it evaporate. Adjust seasoning.

Heat up pan with oil and sauté the onion, add the risotto, toast and add white wine. Let the wine evaporate then add in tomato sauce and finish as per normal. When is almost done, approximately after 15 minutes, remove from heat. Make sure the risotto is very dry. Add in parmiggiano reggiano, butter, chopped basil and additional seasoning if required.

Take the baby squid, and fill it up with the tomato risotto. Close the end with a tooth pick and place in a tray with garlic oil, oregano, and the juice of lemon squeeze.  Bake it at 180 º C for 3 minutes, take out and remove the tooth pick.

In a plate place the olive ragout, then the calamari, the orange zest caramelize and Italian parsley

Ingredients for the orange caramelize:
The skin of an orange (without the white inside)
Sugar                                                                           20 gm
Butter                                                                          20 gm

Take the orange skin, remove the white part and cut in very thin julienne. Boil the orange skin in water. Remove from heat and drain it. Heat up a pan with butter and sugar; make it brown to caramelize and sauté in the orange skin.  

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