15 Sep 2011

Risotto with frog and chives" risotto con le rane

Frog my favorite , when i use to work in Milano , i remember to travel in the summer to the pavese near by , the river , play bocce at the river and eat lot of Frittata with frog and of course the risotto ,, this my version ..

Risotto with frog legs and onion cream

Ingredients for the onion cream:
Onion                                                  300 gm
sherry vinaigrette                                100 ml
Seasoning (salt & pepper)                   to taste                                   
Butter                                                   20 gm

Preparation for the onion cream:
At slow fire, heat up pan with butter, and start to cook the onion .Add in sherry  vinaigrette , some water , and cook for one hour until soft . The onion has to take the consistency of a cream. Adjust the seasoning and keep aside.Add water if u need make sure the taste is very gentle .

Ingredient for the risotto: 
Risotto rice                                          500 gm(vialone nano or Cannaroli )
Chicken stock                                     1.5 liter
Seasoning                                            to taste
Frog legs                                             300 gm( clean it up to the bone  )
White wine                                          one glass
Parmiggiano reggiano                           100gm
Butter                                                   50 gm
Flour (for coating)                              
Chervil                                                  20 gm
Cream of onion                                   see above

Preparation for the risotto 
Take the frog legs, coat in the flour and start to pan-fry in the hot oil. Add in the white wine and flambé. Cook for 5 minutes.or until cook with add of stock if u need

Heat up a casserole , with extra virgin olive oil, add in the risotto, toast, add in white wine , let evaporate ;add in the stock little by little until cook or 18 minutes.Take out the risotto from the fire and add in butter and cheese.
Place the risotto on a plate ,topped  with the onion cream and frog legs. Serve with the chervil and white pepper.

For the frog ; make sure u have the best legs , some like to add the meat inside , i like to enjoy separated . 

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