14 Oct 2011

Asparagus Bianco di Bassano

White asparagus the Italian Bassano gold ,, here the legend
Asparagus Bianco di Bassano  here we go .....

 Because in the Vicenza province spring just begun, smells of asparagus already is every where .
Produced in the mountain village that makesthe territory  to Bassano del Grappa, this variety of white asparagus is the result of a unique blend of natural and human factors. The collection of the spear currently involves around farms and is conducted in accordance with precise agronomic practices established by production, which oversees the Consorzio di Tutela to preserve the quality and authenticity of the vegetable. The Asparago Bianco di Bassano Pdo is characterized by the typical ivory color, shape, straight, with a length between 18-22 cm, a diameter of 11 mm minimum central and tip in good shape . The approximately 600 tons produced annually are packaged in bundles with a willow twig on which stands the label that bears the name Asparago Bianco di Bassano (PDO) and guarantees the origin of the product. In the kitchen is universally known in the traditional version at Bassano with hard-boiled eggs, oil and salt, although the distinctive bitter-sweet taste and tender texture make ideal ingredient for risottos, pastas, main courses and desserts.
As tradition ' From Santo to Santo ', i.e. from March 19 (Saint Joseph's day), June 13 (s. Antonio, whose figure is, according to legend, the dissemination of vegetable in the territory), renews the appointment with consolidated gatherings, such as asparagus and Vespaiolo ' that combines many restaurants to celebrate the marriage of the shoot with the white wine Doc Breganze, , or with the historical exhibitions-competition of Bassano and Rosà (respectively on 15 April and 1 May).

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