11 Oct 2011

Chinese food , food hotel Malaysia

Traders have long ago been linked to the Malayan Peninsula in the South China Sea. The natural port of Malacca was a strategic trading post and a vital link to other traders from far across the globe. Many of these early settlers intermarried and integrated with local Malays, forming a unique community called Peranakan.

It was, however, later in history during the 1800s, that the Chinese came in masses to the Malayan Peninsula. It was during the era of the last European colonists, the British, that a large influx of Chinese journeyed to the Malayan Peninsula for employment. When Malaysia gained independence from the British in 1957, many Chinese returned to their homeland in China; and many more chose to stay, making up 26% of today's population of 22 million in Malaysia.
The Chinese brought with them not only their skills, culture, languages and customs but also the various provincial styles of Chinese cuisines. Chinese cuisine in Malaysia is mainly Cantonese, Hokkien, Hainanese, Teochew and Hakka styles of cooking. Chinese cuisine is generally milder compared to Malay or Indian fare. But thanks to the influence from this multiethnic country, Chinese cuisine in Malaysia, has taken on a spicier touch, often reinventing classic Chinese dishes. Many Chinese dishes are unique in Malaysia and not found in China. Chilies are used frequently to bestow fiery hotness to many of it's dishes such as the famous Chili Crab .

Just as the Chinese will eat anything with their backs facing the sun, the cooks will cook it in every conceivable way. For example, there are countless variations revolving on one simple theme of noodles. Give it a little gravy and some salted anchovies, it’s called ‘Pan Mee’, fry it over a flaming wok with some soy sauce and it becomes ‘Char Keow Teow’, marinate the noodles in rich oil with prawns and it’s called ‘Hokkien Mee’; the list goes on as ,. Bah Kut Teh a pork soup , Tai Chow a unique style of wok frying ,Kai Fan or chicken rice , dim sum on so much more ..... and in my opinion, in Malysia there are some of the best top Chef s world wide ....

So here some cold display and hot food prepare by master chef Chinese in Kuala lumpur a simple blog roll hope u like , a very new way of see theyr skill on how to present the food .....


Crab Soup


this is a fish made look like a roast pork

It look like a western dish taste Chinese

Sesami gelato ..strawberry mousse ,, brulee"""

fried rice

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