31 Oct 2011

Food Fiesta in Sabah

Is always been a treasure, and pleasure of been in Sabah for the food fiesta competition that has been growing up to 250 participant this year ; and see new and upcoming F&B people participating in the second larger yearly competition in Malaysia .
A success, not only by the organizer, but a success by all participants of the tree days : long work for the Judges, but a absolutely ,no to miss event by all food lover .
All tree days where filled up by , colorful dressed waiter and waitress in  tribal costume , food , fruit carving , cocktail competititon , and much more fun , to take this competition a new world standard... 
Here some picture , of the first day , and for sure a  why, you  should been  there .....first think we start was the coffee pull competition and .....

Pump up the Volume ,,,,,, Shake it baby .. we start the show ...

Baby Shake it and shake it all... for the coffee Tarik competition

And i guess she has it all........... to shake it ...     

the fiesta is open

Tribal dance ...  air  pipe, full warrior dress , ready for prepare our drinks , and  all is allowed ,what a superb  show  ...

and if you are not sure about how serious they are  ..... talk with this Kadazan guy ,,,, he was preparing my coffee
Chefs , Nikolay  And Mansor was outside,  at the hot cooking,  and they have a very long day ,, at mean few days .. of good food prepare by a storm of chefs ..
Seafood terrine

Smiling chef...

Art of Work ,  world standard fruit carving , prepare in a hour, all  live show ..
Chef Jorken Kern at the briefing of table seating ,,, with waiters in the own costume ... this year the team is colors of Borneo ,

this is Charley,, our own Orang  Utang

Costume of a warrior , Kadazan .... preparing a table setting

Head of costume of kadazan people ..  what i written is Sabah the land below the wind

Colorful central piece made from produce of  nature, from the virgin forest of Sabah

A wedding table . this chair is the  wife chair ,,, with the bamboo basket for carry the products
this chair is for the man ,,with his own hat ,ready to go for work or hunt i guess

Kadazan Girl in Full costume , our waiter

the menu , in bamboo leave , on carnivorous plant at  the table seating

but , actually ,do we miss some one ?me and how we arrive here ?

Do we arrive by the sea ?

Is those guys , that take us to the shore  ?

and who to deliver this box and,  How is Tarzan ???

are those kids appendices pirate or fisher man ? are the own took the box here ?
Ooo this what i found in the box .... the real tarzan and here what was  his first meal

and coffee......

Well apart all the fun and joke is been a tree fantastic day made more interesting by the people , the chef and the produce of a land , that has a lot more to given to the all world , Sabah , the gaden of the world ....... More picture and write up to come ,, soon

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