7 Oct 2011


Oktoberfest isn't just for Germans anymore and here in Malaysia we have our own character and way  to celebrate  this festival nearly 200 years old . with food ,but we no gone talk about it , beer , and the peopleeeeeeeeeeeeee , that what i gone show you .....

So how did this global party get started?  Prince Ludwig of Bavaria, who was later crowned king  wanted his people to share in the celebration of his marriage to Princess Therese of Saxony-Hildburghausen on October 12, 1810.
Ludwig organized a horse race and invited all the people of Munich. The royal party drew about 40,000 guests—a major success at the time , but only a small fraction , if u take the  6.4 million people at Oktoberfest in 1997. A good time, and copious amounts of beer  were apparently had by all that first year. It was decided that the horse race would be held again in 1811, this time in conjunction with the state agricultural show
The Munich Oktoberfest originally took place during the sixteen days up to and including the first Sunday in October. But time goes  and now  month of October is all the way Partyyyyyyy..

here some picture  in Kuala Lumpur ...

from top to button .... fun is part of this day ..

here the traditional opening of the first barrel

time to drink ...

the real German

German_Chinese ..

party party ... Prosit .. drink ,, drink

party rock by lol.... Munich......

Manga doll

party  song,  by German story teller

Happy october fest

manga  beer

if u thirsty ... they have any glass to make u wish come true ,, and all the beer u like ..


make sure to walk home .... but

please remember ,,,,,don 't drink and drive,,, or .......we will do this  ...

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