12 Oct 2011

Sabah, Kota Kinabalu

here,  why i like Sabah ..

coconut taste good

i can shave .... and relax

i like the head hunter

love the sea and the summer set

Melissa Lim :)


Bikini girl



no very sure about  this kimchi at nexus resort , but he was good


pretty girl

Swimming pool

floating mosque


the hill and the mountain

people leaving in thre

and u know ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,  when u go back from there to Kuala Lumpur ,when  u will realize ???  when u meet this man in the road of Sentul ......... bt i love him tooooooooooooooo so much ....

                               when u meet this guy ,a hero of malaysian street , a icon , the roti man ...........

1 comment:

  1. miss the dried mee so much....even my own dried mee is not as delicious as theirs....wish to eat again....


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