7 Oct 2011

tapas , terrine and platter , competititon in Kuala Lumpur

Tapas ..  and cold platter terrine ,...  more  for chefs to create something a bit more interesting .... here some new and old way at Kuala  Lumpur 

duck eggs with duck meat floss ...... what a lovely tapas

Tapas can be practically anything from a chunk of tuna,  to and an olive skewered on a long toothpick, to piping hot meat with sauce served in a miniature clay dish - or anything in between. Tapas are served day in and day out in every bar and café in Spain. So much a part of the culture and social scene that the Spanish people invented the verb tapear which means to go and eat tapas

Sardine and saffron 

polenta  and Gorgonzola crackers

There are several stories about the origin of tapas, which are a part of the folklore:

It is told that King Alfonso X, el Sabio or “the Wise One,” made sure that Castilian taverns served wine accompanied by something to eat, so that the wine would not go straight to the clients' heads.

Another story claims that while on a long trip, King Alfonso had stopped to rest in the town of Ventorillo del Chato in the southern province of Cádiz, and he ordered a glass of jerez or sherry. There was a gusty wind, so the inn keeper served him his glass of sherry covered by a slice of ham to prevent the sherry from getting dirty. King Alfonso apparently liked it, and when he asked for a second glass, he requested another tapa or “cover” just like the first.

quail.... nice to eat here a bite ugly to see

mini burgher

mechanic tapas display

bread twist ......

  and here the creation for the platters....
 there are a seafood and  a meat terrine to be presenter in a platter,with various condiment and garnish ,,, separate the chef has to show in a plate what and how a portion of it will look .... enjoy it
meat terrine and seafood terrine

 a serving from the platters ..

seafood terrine

nice work by the chefs


condiments of the platter terrine

very bright fruit preserve ... to serve with terrine as condiment

seafood terrine

nice little touch


the whole platter


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