27 Nov 2011

be happy be merry and the piping of the cake

That is the sound u ear many time or so : so last shoot and bla bla......... of Sabah competition with the own cake ,,,, wedding cake , and again all by a different point of Piping ........
Yes , becouse  wedding cake,  apart the grade of difficulty , has to be interpretate in  what ceremony they have to be use : Muslim , Cristian , Special Custom made and so on ...........
Lavatelli one of my regular reader of this blog , when she see me she always like ,,,,,,,, hey more wedding cake show us more wedding cake .. so here is for u , more and more ..

I like Shoes ,,,,,,

Maybe made in China ,,, Prada

This was tall like i think one meter and half ,,,,

Kadazan wedding cake .. what a surprise

Humm the love are broken .. no good

this is the Cap of the guy , for the wedding

Church wedding ..
any way time to go ... leave my room the beach and see u soon Chefs .... very soon

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