28 Nov 2011

Hunting and magic Mushrooms

ya yes Si si  ...... i am a cacciatore i like go for Hunting ... love shooting ,, and also like go for mushrooms in my land .............. but the mushrooms to eat :) , even does there are few happy mushrooms .... i like porcini , chantarelle any one.....

Me i like like that , this mine sovrapposto , bellissimo

Pheasant , male , just shoot down early.....

 Dear Logan as i  promise to u this is in my fridge i waiting u coming back from China , i roast , serve with polenta,,,,,,, u incharge the wine; i want French red , first grove ..
this was another things

Well OK apart be a hunter , i like at he same time fishing , will show u a day , and i like if it is season have walk to go for mushrooms ,,,,,,,.Just bihing the home ,
It is so funny how fast the sun can go down in Autumn 16.30 pm is dark ,,, any way .. here what we found

those are normal found after the rain near the grass

can u believe is 1630 pm ,,,  so dark .....

Guido my brother

those are  chiodini ,

Basket start to get full , we  will fill up this in a hour or less ,,,,,,

This are different tips of mushrooms , nearly like the portobello , they grow on my vigna ..below the grapes tree .. if u no idea what Vigna are ..

and of course after a full basket of mushrooms , the only think to do is to pass to Mum and let her cook  pasta and prep some for side dish ..
She boil first , then cook slow with small amount garlic , olive oil , salt parsley ,,, that it

Funghi trifolati & carrot glaze

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