28 Nov 2011


Would u believe i wish to be like that, when i will be  73 year old .......still strong  and smiling ....
Is always nice be back in my home town ,and for one of another reason this time i chose Autumn....
I forgot the colour the smell of that .
I can not say that i miss cose i never relay like the Autumn , as season , as it always been for me a season that take the whole world to sleep: from the pick  summer to the shorter days , dark and cold ...But  yes i miss the autumn too , the mushrooms , the hunting season, the school  after summer holiday , the vigna , the land to prepare for the winter ,and the only time when farmer are free ... and they just need to worry about  the cutting wood for the stove , and which live stock to arrange for dinner ...:)

Tree look very different every year and when u see after the summer t ,, ,what a beauty ,,

kaki in Italian persimmon fruit in English , we use to do jam ,   eat it , true to each other ,smash to the tree ,,kid game ....that u can not do with and I Pad ..

this road , Via Solferino , i have been see this from since i kids , use to be with lot of tree , very few house ....and  us play football till the sun where down,,,,,

Funny ,,,,, this lis sure a soem kind of new spieces ..

Veal ,,,,,,,,,,,,, would i say tasty .. do it sound nasty ?

those two are almost ready by January they will be process in salami , ham and so on ......

this inside home has where lot of kids , about 5 born , still remember when they use to all run around and make noise , and later come here and work for the land ,,,,,Favourite ever summer place for us kind of game

talk about duck this male , is unbelievably tasty and good slow cook ,,,,,,
this use carry milk ,,, lot of milk

this house this house ,... the fattoria , the farm where all take place in order , grass cut dried , store for cow , corn is keep for Chicken , and so on ....

Just across, the winter vegetable cabbage and Verze , below a walnuts ready ...to eat

this are wild Cherry tomato guess ,, we took the plant from Sicily long time ago ...funny see some fruits hand on November ,,,,soon the iced cold night will frozen them ,,, frozeen cherry taste funny ,,,,sweet , like a sorbet ...

Thank u the global warming , zucchini flower are been see in November ..

              this a hunting dog .. love to see how intelligent those guys are
Neve the sanbernard, the house keeper , ciao bella


  1. Would you believe that, E tu papa is the first old man i have seen that like to hide all the dessert and then take it out after the dinner.?
    Would you believe he is the first man i met who has such a sweet tooth, lovesssss "Dolce" so much!
    and Would you believe that i finish 3 bottles of wine with him, and we communicate even he doesnt speak a word of English and "I NO SPEAK ITALIANO."
    Would you believe you have the most wonderful dad on earth!

    Papa, Bello persona !

  2. thank you Mel ya papa , is a super super dude


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