16 Nov 2011

Venezia the Lion City

 I did not mention many time but yes Venice is like very near ,my home, at  mean , she is , because she is a beauty like a woman and she is  tooooooooo pretty  and always in  my heart ,,,, so here some  picture ...

 Here in Venice  road are call "cae or calli   " square are call " Campi " e road that are near the sea " Fondamenta "and is a definably the most romantic city in the world .
Is far away, when Venetian use to be the larger and most famous port in the world , way back , many of the spices and treasure us to trade in there , people , costume , and so much more, with rondo Veneziano , Carnivale , Marco Polo , the Doge and so on ....
The  symbol of Venice is a Lyon with wings , look at the  many of them and if u will notice out of the city exp in Treviso some lion with shorter wings or much smaller ,,,, those are been made when Venice use to be rule by German in the 1900 ,,, a symbolic of the lion that can not flight free any more ...
 so Here below the statue of the liberty of Venice, near the arsenale after the Danieli hotel ,,, u will notice a Lyon ( Venice ) removing his chain to be free like all of us from Venice ...

The two Mori , a so much treasure of square San Marco , is been say that those two are been stolen by Venetian ,,,,, actually  most of all venetian treasure  are been ,,,hummm how to said ,,,,, taken here, and there  ,,  include all the gold church and so on ..... any way , now the are here, so i guess , they are all venetian; Agree?

the Chiesa or church  of San Marco , What u see shining, is all gold ,inside, there is much more .... to benn named shining church deal to the tresure ( alaways tooken by the Venetian arround.... )

Square San Marco, from the river or the palazzo ducale ,,,, Those  wood bridge are  for the acqua alta or easy to translate when the water come up to flood the city ,,, very common now days ...

Palace Ducale ,, splendid .. bellissimo

the pier ,that took u to the gondola and the Madonna of the gondolieri ( the gondola Boys )

This Madonna is in square San Marco is for the gondola boys , to protect them

the canpanile with the lion , look a the wings ,,,,,
Gondola , each one has different deco and each represent the family treasure

Hotel Danieli

God of Liberty and Our Lion

This is :  Mr Lion and has been look at the sea from piazza San Marco the last 1000 year plus ,,,,

Ok ok but what about food ,,,,,How many time i smile to people that tell m e i cook Venezia food.... Hahhahah what a  +*&#@
As a port  city that has see many culture Venice has benn influence in many aspect , from spices to elaborate food and drink from the height society expect only the best ,,, and of course good seafood ...and good produce from the land near by...

Tramezzini , a small triangular pcs of white bread  filled with goodness , his name has been given by a poet : D' annunzio , his filling by a god , trust me the best are to die for ,,,, no one can resist to this super faty easy eating .. Tramezzini

seafood antipasto , this u can find any where , it follow season and catch of the day : u may also ask at the bacaretto( local Bar with food bite ) to have it separated >
A must is : sardee in saor ( sardine with pickled onion ) bacala mantecato ( dry baccalao  Mousse ) canocie ( the prawns mantis) and,all the rest of seafood fried , poached with salad o white polenta , just eat it with  a glass of prosecco

Insalata of Treviso radicchio ,,,,,, by season ,, best ever ,,,

Fritto misto della  laguna ,,,, must have scampi deep fried , please forget about tartar sauce , squeeze  lemon and eat it fast ... till  is hot

Risotto frutti di mare ..... is red  , is white , black with squid ink , try the risotto here , normally they use only vialone nano , a smaller rice , very sexy ,,,,, prepare urself here all  the risotto cooking is al dente no porrige ....

Spaghetti nero di seppia ............ have to be eaten ,,,,

another example of antipasti o cicetti

fegato alla veneziana , liver venetian way , stewed in onion and served with grilled white polenta ,,, the white polenta is only know here around Venezia , consider more fine , more delicate , is a treasure to die for it ...

Spaghetti busara , with tomato and scampi , be aware somenthimes the scampi are so fresh,that the pasta will taste too salty nearly like the sea ,,,

sepe in nero . or cattle fish cook in his own black ink : served always with grilled white polenta ( the soft polenta is rare to be serve with main  course , it will b e pair with braised meat or it may accompany starter like fried fish )

Oooo yes before i leave ,, i need to order my food , i   promise more on Venetian food  soon ....
 i wanna try tramezzini ,,look for the Puff one , like this
Top one is with prawns and insalata russa  , the other is capricciosa salad

Spinach and eggs

Prosciutto cotto
 and yes if u need to try a drink in Venice the Mr drink go to Harry 's bar order a Bellini , about 15 Euro .....to die for it ...
Bellini a mix of peach and prosecco a die for u pocket and for try at Harry"s bar by Cipriani


  1. Super..I had a chance to Sit on the Lion and snap shot a photo with this sculpture,and witness the flood happened during my visit with Aurora and Sara.
    Food wise, you tell the best ! Bravo.

  2. Grazie bella ... Is a nice plce ...we know it well

  3. wooww...nice place! have to come and enjoy the view directly ..:)


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