15 Feb 2012

Baba recipe

It been long time,  no writing but i back here,  with  a recipe .......to try :The  Baba from an old book that always work :the Carnacina book in Italy ...

Recipe for rum baba's

500 gr. Sift flour,
300 gr. handling of butter (275 gr. of butter and 25 grams of flour.)
10 gr. Yeast in the summer and 15 winter
15 gr. of salt,
25 gr. sugar mixed with a few drops of water,
8 eggs,
1 dl. warm milk.
125 gr. currants and raisins of Smyrna
Sugar syrup and rum to moisten.

- With 125 gr. flour, baking powder and a little water, make a rather soft dough and let rise for 1 / 4 of an hour.
- Have the rest of the flour on the table, put the dough in half yeast, eggs, salt and warm milk,
to get a fairly thick paste, then, gradually, incorporate the butter handled.
- Put a bowl and lightly flour the dough to rise, as soon as it doubled, knead again for a while incorporating the raisins and, finally, add the sugar diluted.
- Fill the molds halfway up buttered up and allow to rise in the oven at moderate heat until the molds were
- Then bake in the oven at medium heat (cooking is at the right point when the baba resists the pressure of the fingers and the crust on the surface, will have slightly exceeded the edge of the mold)
- Turn out the baba, put them on a wire rack and sprinkle with sugar syrup and rum.

This is the recipe Carnacina

Of course served with Cream Cherry and all the good u like it ,,,,,,,,,,

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