26 Feb 2012

Simple recipe , risotto funghi , ossobuco Milanese , orechiette and cicken cacciatore ,vongole and lamb roast ...

I think thais  was for a cooking class,:any way here if some one need it .
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Risotto con funghi

For 6 to 8 person

For risotto stock

1 whole chicken [old]

200 gm carrot

200 gm celery

200Gr pelled onion

2 pcs of bay leave

Salt to taste

Procedure for the stock:

  • In a large casserole put water and all the peeled and rinse vegetable plus bay leave them bring to boil o boil, leave a quarter of that for stuffed chicken.
  • Wash and rinse the chicken them stuffed with some vegetable, tight with butcher string and put inside the pot when water is cold, this will help the stock to get extra flaw or
  • Let boil for two hour, adjust with salt your stock them when cook, take out the chicken, them strain all stock with the apposite strainer.


Mushrooms Sautee’


300gm Button mushrooms

100 gm shitake mushrooms

20 gm chop onion

20 gm chop garlic

20 gm chop fresh rosemary

1ml of extra virgin olive oil

Some chop parsley

1 cup of chicken stock

1 glass white wine

A pinch of salt and pepper.

Preparation for the mushrooms:

  • In saucepan pan-fried onion garlic, add Chopped mushrooms, parsley, and rosemary, put white wine and chicken stock, correct the taste with salt and pepper and cook for 5 minutes.
  • When dry take out from the fire and keep on the side.

For making the risotto

500 gm risotto rice

1.5 Lt of chicken stock

1 glass of wine

 SautĂ© mushrooms

50 gm of Chop parsley

100 gm Parmesan cheese

50 gm butter

Preparation for the risotto:

  • In a large casserole deep fried onion and oil, when yellow add risotto stir and put a glass of wine.
  • When wine evaporated add the stock, a bite by a bite, and the mushrooms; all have to be cook and continually mix with a wood spoon for about 18 minutes.
  • Take out from the fire add the salt and pepper as per your taste, chop parsley, butter and cheese, stir fast and “mantecca “for making creamy.

Mum roast in Italy

Recipe for ossobuco with gremolata sauce 

For 6 t0 8 person

Ingredient for the ossobuco

6 pcs of ossobuco or veal shank cut

100 ml olive oil

100 gm flour

200gm carrot

200 gm celery

200 g onion

50 gm garlic

600 gm palled tomato

2 dl red wine dry

1lt beef stock or 1 Lt of chicken stock 

Salt and pepper to seasoning

1 bouquet garnie [see recipe]

Gremolata compote [see recipe]

Preparation for Bouquet garnie;

Take 100 gm of rosemary, 50 gm of sage, 100 gm thyme, 10 gm bay leave and tight all together with butcher string.

Preparation for gremolata;

Take 50 gm rosemary leave, 30 gm parsley. 10 gm cappers, 30 gm anchovies, chopped very thin [optional can be fresh garlic] and keep at side.

Take a lemon, peel the skin and make it into thin strips.

Preparation for ossobuco:

  • Take all peeled vegetable and cut in thin strips, [julienne] and put with the oil in an oven pan to make it golden brown.
  • In an iron pan put some oil, coated the ossobuco with the flour, and make the ossobuco pan fried both of the side, take out and drain the oil.
  • Add the ossobuco to the vegetable, put the wine and flambĂ© all, add the bouquet garnie, peeled tomato and some water or chicken stock, salt and pepper for seasoning.
  • Cover with aluminum foil and put to the oven for 2 hour to cook slow 180 degree. 
  • After cooking take out and served with buttered pasta or saffron risotto all drizzle with the gremolata compote and the lemon skin


26th of June

Orechiette pasta with chicken stewed  

For 6 to 8 person

Pasta Skin for Orechiette  


900 gm suji flour 

100 gm 00 flour

2 full egg

Pinch of salt

Drop of extra virgin olive oil [1 dl]

 Warm water 

Procedure for making pasta:

  • Swift the flour and suji flour, put in a mini mixer for bread dough, add salt, eggs and water, olive oil and start the machine with low speed.
  • Leave the machine work for about 10 minutes with same speed.
  • Take out the dough, put in a dry tower and let it rest in fridge for 4 hour.  This will help the pasta dough to break the ‘tension’ and make it easy to roll. 
  • Take dough and start too make long strips and with you finger create the ‘orechiette’,
  • Or hear pasta remember always to work in a dry marble table or stainless Steel table.
  • Make them dry and keep in a dry place
  • Boil in salt water and stir with desired sauce.


 Chicken stew


1 whole chicken cut in 12 parts

  1 kg peeled tomato

50 gm rosemary

10 gm bay leave

100 gm shallot

100 gm carrot

120 gm celery

50 gm cappers

100gm black olive

10 gm of oregano dry 

  1 dl extra virgin olive oil

  Salt and pepper to taste

 100 gm flour


Procedure for the stewed:

  • In a pan with hot oil pan-fried the coat chicken with flour, seasoning after the cooking and dry the oil.
  • In a casserole put all vegetable cut in cube with the herbs, add the chicken [optional   white wine] add peeled tomato, olive, cappers and oregano leave to cook for 1 hour covert .

For the execution of the plate

Take pasta boil and dry, put in a large terrine of terracotta then put on top the stewed chicken and grated some good pecorino or parmesan cheese

Vongole Sauce


400 gm fresh clam

50 gm chop garlic

50 gm chop parsley

100ml extra virgin olive oil

I dl white wine sauce

50 m anchovies

20 gm chop basil

2 dl of dry white wine

200 gm boil broccoli

Preparation for the sauce

  • In a pan heat the oil add garlic, chilly flakes, anchovy’s fillet, pan-fried until gold add the clam, parsley and wine and the broccoli.
  • When clams are open add seasoning and all the herbs, stir in the already boil pasta and served with fresh chop parsley.

Roasted lamb rank with herbs crust served with goat cheese, tepanade, and dried tomato 

For 4 person 


100 gm tepanade [see recipe]

100 gm goat cheese

4 number of lamb rack

50 gm rosemary

50 gm thyme

50 gm marjoram

100 gm breadcrumbs

2 eggs

50 gm French mustard

Salt pepper to taste

Extra virgin olive oil

I no of Lemon

100 gm semi dried tomato [see recipe]

Preparation for the tepanade:

  • 150 gm pitted black olive, 50 gm cappers, 100 gm anchovies, 50 gm parsley 30 gm garlic, 20 gm basil leave 2 dl of extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper to taste.
  • Put in a blender the following ingredient and make a paste keep in the fridge.

Preparation for the semi dried tomato:

  • 4 number of roma tomato, extra virgin olive oil, garlic slice, oregano, seasoning, sugar, and thyme.
  • Take tomato, wash and cut in wedges take out all seed, in a place mad foil seasoning with sugar salt, pepper, thyme, oregano, garlic, sprinkle with extra virgin olive oil 

  •  Bake for 1 hour at 120 degree.

Preparation for the lamb:

  • Chop rosemary, thyme and marjoram, mix all with the bread crumbs add some seasoning
  • Pan fried lamb rank for both of the side, take it out applied on out side mustard and on top the herbs crust.
  • Put in the oven for about 10 minutes
  • When ready put in a plate and served with the tepanade sauce and the goat cheese slice on the side, lemon can be squeeze if you like

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