16 Feb 2012

Zogo del' oca a Mirano ? the Goose game in Mirano

Guido My brother with the Goose
So this is  Hilarius,because  Mariano Venezia , is so near  to  my home town, about 20 minutes ;  and i didn"t  know that we have the Il Sogo Dell"oca in this scale and splendor ...

Well let me Say , that , the goose game , is a traditional game like Monopoly,where they normally use toys goose, but here, they play with the Human.... u need to make,from the start to end before others ...... u have plus, and minus when u trow the darts.....
this year when i was there, the all city team,is back in time during  the 1900 when  the tower of Venice dropped ,,,,,,,so i gone make to blog for u guys to enjoy more to see ....

The Goose Fair is an event of Mirano born in the 80s and continues the ancient tradition of celebrating the feast of St. Martin with a lunch of goose, according to the words "San Martino duck, chestnuts and wine ".
The Goose Company has since the purpose of promoting and enhancing the goose, with markets, games, the election of Miss Goose, one of the best specimens exposed to 20 different breeds and even, for those who refuse to eat,  U must enjoy the  party ..

Tradititon has been keep it for long time and a good show of hand craft and live stock was all spread in Mirano Centre

Music and orchestra was senarating the short days of November , as the sun, go down very early , at 16.00 pm.
The old Square of Mirano in Venice , has been change in the game of dell ' oca and tomorrow,  will be the big day where the various section of the city will battle for the winner trophy
If u can read italian or u can translate here a good web

here the Goose trophy

Where u buy ticket
As i Say is early 1900 so all has to be in team ,,,,,,,
Goose on sales today they was running for the beuty  price ... the winner is not here .. so some one wana buy it ???

All speciality and food are  base of goose only goose , from ham to goose liver ,to terrine, to salami to all kind of goodness

game for kids and adults ....

I like this sigh board"Il forner"mean the guys make the bread ,, remind me when I was kid

Seating out at the bar .. snack later i be back eating

Various flag of the tuonament

ciabatta super long ready to filled up ..

goose product ,, ham , ravioli , salami and so on .........

Lady in costume selling souvenir
time for first snack panino with Goose polpette AKA panino with goose burgher ...  fresh bread , fresh goose season and charbroiled  ...here u can see how they do it .....will explain later the taste now i am hungry

Il tabarro , this is a traditional venetian winter clothes ,,,,
  For the fun of kids , and every one this year there are lot of artist that perform around all wearing costume , riding, cycling , there are police . gangster , and all sort of people recreating the atmosphere of old Venezia....

This guys kind riding a goose

A hoot at the square this morning that was relay live goose running ,,,,later the kids will play the game ...

this how they gone look tomorrow , the various guys playimg in costume
will take the own  game in  the wood track there .... after trowing the dard ...

Lot of people

Carabbinieri e police are there in case Jessica will lost :)

Pretty girls in costume

all made of goose .... what a feast ....

Fridge, ice farm , PietroRubinato .. love those tipes of sigh board


Avellino Chestnut ... a super products 

wonder if is cold or no one bother him and his games ....:)

Grilling chestnut
As i sayd the guys selling news paper has the news that today the tower of venice has collapse down and the date is 12 october 1902

Here the real Zogo Dell" Oca ,,,,as u see is a kind of road that take u to the winning to the end ..... like all game there are plus point minus point and so on ...

Well well more to see around so i stop here and i prepare another one blog...... coming soon part two ...

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