16 Feb 2012

Zogo Dell Oca part two ..

SO, here I am back with part two of  Zogo Del " oca : here the first part

and here time to show u a bite more around ...

Copy of Fellini ???

Duck confit and rillette

Those two realy capture people ..attention

People in old costume ......... but it since to fashionable now ....

Guido is hungry and wana drink ,,, andiamo fratello

Vino.. Vino

Goose panino

this up,   is hot vin brulee', a mixture of spices , apple and Orange cook with sugar in the  wine ,,,,, perfect for Autumn and winter drinking ..

Police arround with the crowd...

Finaly some good foods and wine ... we want more....

The owners of osteria dell "Oca  what a nice woman's...

time since to stop when u see this people pass u near ,,, i always wish to have suck a ciclette , and the head

Some one told me that Campocroce one of the part of Mirano taking part of the game , this year is the favourite ... will see later ..

the duck for play

here finally the small version for the kids ..each goose is wrap in different clothes from the various part of the city ,,

U need to roll ,u darts ,to have u move ... yo man

Here, u have to share the space and dance with your opponent ,,, and pass a turn.

roll the darts again ..

girl riding the cycling

super cute girl wearing my grand mama dress ..

Ok , here we go the girls told me ...... Musetto with goose .... is a king of boil sausage o salami , maid of goose and pork ,, boiled and served with roasted white polenta .... Here in Venice the polenta is only white , the yellow one is only good for chicken is what old people says ..

the chef ..... faster i want my musetto ....

Boil musetto of goose and polenta bianca .....just one more glass of  vin brulee' and all will be nice .

aiiiaiaiai the baccala ' seller ,,, last time one of the old trade was to sell salty fish ....
and nothing is compare to the baccala ..and the smell of it ...... and of course the food coming out ,,,,
Divine , like baccal manteccato , and baccala all vicentina ,,,

                No sure if my brother is more interested about the baccala or the girl,,,
                                             she kind of cute and funny

Before to go .. we need to by the San Martino cake made of a goose in the bar ,,,,,,

Goose cake,,,,,,,,, to eat today ..

old farm machine ....

time to go home .... is late and we want go another place ,,,  see u mirano soon....
always love it this carousel

well we going back early as we need to leave soon for Malaysia ,, Mirano thumbs up that was relay something ..... ciaoo belli see u soon ..

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