9 Mar 2012

Spartan's , Penang Battle of the chef's

So here u remember for sure the movie 300, Spartan , and the hero , with super body, ready to fight and so on..'
Here in Penang for the 5th consecutive time; Spartan are the  chef's that battling for the trophy in a kick out cooking competition that see almost 300 of them ...
OK may be ,  not the same fit body, but as sexy as them and as determinate to have the trophy as never ...

Tomorrow Disneyland Hong Kong ,  Traders Hotel Kuala Lumpur , Gaya Penang , Team Thailand will fight for the trophy ,,,,,,,,,, and more.... Singapore team , Berjaya University team and others will fight for  the Junior category ..

Here how the thinghs goes :
32 teams are divide in 16 teams : junior and senior...
They fight everyday against each others to reach the top spot  ; they have to cook multiple time during the day ; they have to use specific ingredients ; make a menu in ten minutes ,with a starter a soup a main and a dessert , and cook it in 120 minutes ........ Kind of Spartan job ,,,,,,,,,, ooooooo ya i forgot the ingredients are just show  at last minute .....and best of all only a guys have to go to pick up the whole market list form a tables , and fight with the others team contestants to take the ingredient in the table ................ Yes  cruel ....s the ingredients are never enough and u better have the most and the best, if u are late no ingredients to cook...
4 dish each course time 4 couse meal ....Spartan Job ..

Spartan march to the post

Here ,  how they have to run and take ingredients ,,, each team have to present food enough for 4 person in for dish each for four courses meal ... what u see id for 16 teams ...so u need to run a take before all is finish ...

fight to have the best and the most ............. Spartan



Judges busy eating and writing score ..

Pretty good dessert all live in 120 minutes ,,,

Duo of duck

Chicken and Quinoa

At the Competition area there is Much more to see ,,,,,,,, so come over and have a taste of Chef"S life ..

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