29 Jun 2016

When i decide , to have a real charcoal grill & the Dinosour Era

well I  think like any on else in this world of chefs ; we all  dream one day  a charcoal grill : at mean a wood charcoal grill , this could be look nice till u try to fill it with wood, or  and try to light it up and you  realize  that wood is wet or the temperature are not high and so on ,,, Untill you will  get the right steak and the dream come true .

New grill , chef and their study

the food , well that look easy

the damn wood , wet

the reality of wet wood or some one chef  that finally want get high

the first try
the real result

25 Jul 2012

Fruit Carving Penang

Again here a bit more .. Fruit carving in Penang Malaysia during the competition in March

Super fine works to been just show with out so many comment i guess cose they speech by them self

Love Melon ?

Thai God ,,,,, or bird ?

Pussy cat

carrot flower

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