28 Mar 2011

black raspberries...ooouch

Whenever i go to the market, i find weird fruits "some may be vegetables" in the shelves. Our father in heaven, what is this creation i ask myself...as furious as i am, i couldn't tolerate all this anymore. Would i quit going to the market??? NOO....
I try finding answers on these produce of nature, GOOGLE, WIKIPEDIA or whatever!! 

One fine day, i came across the blackberry. Well, it was a black raspberry being told by Sean "the man of fruits" owner of Green Market. We had a long conversation and i was pretty amazed of his knowledge, so i did my own research of this blackberry "black raspberry". and its surprising finding health elements on this fruit...which i believe u should take a minute and read this blog =)

                                                                                  MY TRUFFLE's of FRAMBOISE

Black raspberries may help prevent bowel cancer (hell yea), new research suggests. Scientists found that a freeze-dried version of the fruit could reduce the number of tumours in a The incidence of bowel tumours was cut by 45%.Previous research had indicated that black raspberries have antioxidant and anti-cancer properties.

In the study, the fruit inhibited tumour development by suppressing a protein called beta-catenin. Tumour incidence and numbers were both reduced by 50% in another strain of mouse vulnerable to colitis, an inflammation of the large intestine that can contribute to bowel cancer.

Find for journal Cancer Prevention and Research, i got this in Singapore but it was published in the States (U.S) 

Both mouse strains were either fed a Western-style, high fat diet, or the same diet supplemented with 10% freeze-dried black raspberry powder for 12 weeks. Scientists saw a broad range of protective effects in the bowels of the mice given the supplement.strain of mice prone to the disease by 60%. well, the bad thing about it is...u may not understand what does all this mean. I shall say,,HEY just ask me!!

No one stops learning-each day, minutes and seconds teaches us new things in our daily living. God Bless You "Bon Apetite"

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