15 Mar 2011

green tomato and mozzarella

 Breaded green tomato Buffalo mozzarella caprese
Ingredients :
·        3 nos  of Green tomatoes
·        2 pcs of Buffalo mozzarella
·        White bread crumbs
·        White flour for coating
·        2 Eggs for coating
·        Dry oregano
·        Few Kalamata olive
·        100 gm semi dried tomato
·        Sea salt
·        Some rucola leave
·        Palm oil for deep fried
·        To dress balsamic reduction *
Take the green tomatoes , wash and slice in some tick slice : place in a tray on paper and season with salt ; leave few minutes .
Take buffalo mozzarella remove from the water and slice it.
Separate, prepare eggs  wiped  in a container l , flour in a tray and bread crub in other tray .
Take the tomato slice and the mozzarella slice and form some mini sandwich ; place more salt on the midlle and some oregano dry : take the mini tomato sandwich on the flour , first , eggs and later bread crumb >
In a pan warm up a finger of  with rucola salad and soil and when hot panfried from both side the tomato , remove , place in tissue paper to dry .
Serve with some rucola salad and kalamata olive and semidried tomatoes and dress with balsamic reduction

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