6 Jun 2011

A Fairy Tale In Penang

Do u Belive in  Fairy Tales, princess , Prince , u  love  ,  castle , but yet ...no one is happening ......... ..Why  the reality is so different ????............Little thing count .... 
so here  i hope this will make u day ""
it was long time , have not been in the Pearl of the Orient ,Penang , ...( is where I find my love last time ) and now with  nothing ... i find  Fairy tale  made of Fruit carving .......here are some really amazing work from Malaysia,Thayland and Taiwan  chefs  , at the battle of the chef "..In Penang ..

Chef"s involve in this particolar competition , have to create  with fruit and vegetable carving Fairy Tale .. 

i wish to add also my  personal message also  ,  to compliment the Penang governament and the E&O  corporation for the developent of our side competititon ( here down in the picture ) ...What a betiful place..
 Straits  Quay in Penang ...  this is also another Fairy tale .and of Course thank the Chef of Penang chefs Asscoetion ,,,
Ohhhh ,,,,do please Click the music here below , before u go down  ....i am not so good on made the whole thing ..:)

Colour in the air at the entrance or Straits Quay and ou competition

Sunshine in Penang is 7 am plus plus ...

Aladdin and a genius are our hero in the water melon

the love always come in beuty form...

she always Will make our wish happen , give me back my Princess ...?

the frog fianlay reach her princess ??

Come on Princess u can do it ..Pull it ,,, and give me this kiss...

Do not worry about angry rooster ,.. the wizard will be arround ,,...any Merlin please ..

wait wait we are in Penang right withthe chef 's???

my Boat ... Ya this is what is outside the competition hall ., if u miss it , too bad

we are in Penang yes..

here one of our story teller , i call him  Gepetto , he is so good

Ok time to go backinside our story,,,, the team of this competiiton is fairy tale

Rooster  and grasshopper

the Poinex or a roster ? 

Poinex :)

some one helping our prince  :)

They touch .. love in the air ?

Ants on The Lotus flower

Lotus leave

the pretty princess of the sea ..


it look Pist ....

there is flower too..

Dragonfly making  love ....

Poinex tail


Fianly there is a place hwere u can cicle >> penang Tumbs Up to u ..

Pleople can enjoy the morning peace

Light house


.... OPSSS ;;If u wonder of what the caarving are made from ,,, that is YAM , ....Will Post more work Later 

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