20 Aug 2011

Dinner From the Queens of Chefs to The Chefs of the world and Paul Bocuse

And Who are those Girls ??????????????????????????????
those are the QUEENS OF THE CHEF 'S
Witch is the Real and  the top ???????
For Me NADIA SANTINI........
And why we are all in Lyon ......in a special dinner with all the chefs????

The  women in the kitchen of the City Hall of Lyon,  Léa Linster, Annie Feolde, Carme Ruscalleda, Nadia Santini, and Luiza Valazza.  200 guests and especially Paul Bocuse, In fact his birthday is the day 11/02, but They had  celebrated on 25/01 with a exceptional dinner bringing together the best chefs in the world in a true banquet in the city of Lyon. The menu this year was  on behalf of women. Nothing less than: Lea Linster (Lea Linster, Luxembourg), Anne Feolde (Enoteca Pinchiorri, Italy), Anne-Sophie Pic (Maison Pic, France), Carme Ruscalleda (Sant Pau, Spain), Luisa Valazza (Al Sorriso, Italia), Nadia Santini (hence Pescatore, Italy). All with 3 stars from the Michelin Guide

Ok ok so here we goo,,, this when i arrive at the city hall of Lyon But before >>>>.

We recap: 25/01 /20011 is the end of the first day competition in Lyon .......... Bloody cool and here ....
they grap us to go from the parking to go at the Dinner of the year ... those are my buddy ..

Ummm from here onwards if u dont know who are those guy s mean U Are not one of us ........

Lyon the main hall of Lyon city  building ...... astonishing

Ok Ok I was sleeping i weak up like 6 am ...... maybe drunk ,,, thank Tetsuya and Vindex ...: hahhaha

OOhh finally u wonder what all the best chef in the world have it ... that is the best and trust me is good so stop doing what u do and go back to real food ............have a look ,, this are the aperitif

my very good friend from Japan

Nadia ...

It was like a 30 minutes before all get in place what a picture ...

                                 Super star are always late .......Ducase .. faster laaaaaaaa ...

Ok but before other picture we talk about the food at the dinner ....u will wonder the best of the best chefs ,,,, what they can serve to the best ,,, so here i took the picture ,,,to explain  what is food ..and  What all enjoyed  and comment on the end of the dinner ,,,,,,,,,,, Fantastico

The Drink , wine ... etc...




vegetable terrine


carne ,secondo

At mean this was the best of the day for me ...... the polenta zerp salt .... the meat .. super ..

dolce .dessert

this how they went...... with the appetaiser ..

Our Six super Chef  with Lea Linster

More picture from inside :)

Gold harms .....

the light of the night was like be in an acquarium........

here who 's were there ............ u guys to name it.......... Les Chefs Du Monde 
u should name at least half of those chefs,,,


  1. Is this a yearly event? Also, how can one get invited? Thanks

  2. it was the Birthday celebration Of Paul Bocuse .... only 200 top chef s from arround the Worl invited ..... Really nuce


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