24 Aug 2011

Filippino market in Sabah

So we just arrive from Kl to Kota Kinabalu,,,,  by firefly  air pane www.fireflyz.com.my   and it was a really  good flight..... is early about 10 in the morning and before go to our hotel ,,,, a must is a stop to the market :

here in kk the Filipino market ,,, I guess they call it like that from the time of trading, cose there are very little Filipinos here; is a  cover market , situated in middle of the city , where u can find   from souvenirs,  to vegetable,  seafood aircraft ... live , people and  all the best of Sabah...
here some picture from outside and inside .... 

                                     soring machine from Singer ,,,, mamma has one


Dried Fish and dried alllllllllll..

They also know how to make smile the dried fish sole :)

Fierce chilly .. super spicy


Lots of fruits from the jungle ...... cheap ..

Ananas , pine apple

Those herbs are for pregnant woman ... u do boil in hot water to make a tea

Local fruits ,,,,,,,,,,,,,banana , guava, lime
Local Tabasco , and the bamboo straw use to roll it

My niece try a kind of leave and herbs that would make u better .....:) u need to chew for a while ,,, i took mix with tobacco , it use to make u go huhahhaaha ,,,,, i love it :) it use to send u sense a bit higher ,,,,

rice ...lot....

After tobacco ... and leaves.... time to fresh coconut and coconut pudding ,here below ...

Pearl for every one

Seahorse ........... dried

inside the market

my new wallet .. pure frog skin ,,,,with Philippines pesos,,,, fml..

  i hope every one know from where pearl are from,,, and they may do not think the are already round like in the cartoon,, at mean the mother pearl .. so here i took so picture so u can see it ..ooo yyyyaa there are pearl from the sea water and river water .. any way ..
Mother pearl ....... on the left  Father pearl  ( he got two balls) ....

the cousin ....

so well ,,, long day and time to leave is been long day ....in front there are few stall of food i when try eggplant , skate fish and chicken liver ...

  By the time we finish , tiered ,we went  to our Hotel ,  Nexus Resort , Heaven,,,,,,,  www.nexusresort.com/new/

Lunch came with coch from our chef friend ,,, thank u //

and a super fruit platter filled of goodness

personal swimming pool ,,,,at our villa

                                   here the Sea side just before the sun set ,,, love the light ......

the red get to the sea water ...and all becoming red what a beauty

where start the water where stat the clouds ...

                  ciao guys,,,,,,,,,, love this light ........... i go for a swim and a campari soda  ....

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