26 Aug 2011

Gaya market, Sabah

The weekly Gaya Street Sunday Market features a gathering of locals hawkers selling a wide range of items from traditional ethnic cultural souvenirs to pets and flowers. The Kota Kinabalu Handicraft Market( formerly known as the Filipino Market) features vendors selling traditional handicrafts, souvenirs and foodstuffs  is open from 6 am to 11 am and bit longer,,,

Painting of me , i forgot to shave again ......

Yo-Yo .... the traditinal wood carve ...

                             tribes jewellery ,ring ,,and costume of Sabah
Natural Sponge to wash ,,, from the tree ...of the forest ...

? but very  cute ...( rosella fruits )



bagigi ? cacain ,,,,,Peanuts crops ..

Mix salad or Ulam ,,, as they call it here

ginger ,,,

grass hopper , they sell it as pet or for fish bite ,

those are good in the soup ,,, and my Chinese chef always has a good excuse to cook one for me ,,,,

coffee .. from behind the hill roasted , grained and ready to buy ,,,,

News in Sabah ........

Poultry ?

i wanted to buy ,,but .... how i am gone take it home

rabbit and cats ....here rabbit are pets ,,, in my home food ...

rock and roll ,,,,, Tango , salsa and more

blind massage

the wood carve Yo=Yo

dolls for Malaysia theater

Me and my brigade ,,,

                         both side of gaya road there are superb , coffee house , filled of coffee ,  Chinese noodle , Dim sum , and lot of good and lot of local ....

this guy working here making coffee the last 50Years...

dry goods

ciao guys see u soon ... and if  u are  free stop over .....in gaya


  1. too bad at blogspot, we cannot click 'like' like the one at facebook, else...i bet many ppl click like for all your blogs :)

  2. the cute and maroon red color is called rosella fruit....it taste like ribena when it boiled :)

    Priscilla I.L


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