1 May 2011

Note from JAp… Kitchen



This how my jap chef give the recipe

Sushi rice : normally i'll cook for about 300 gm n for 40 minutes..but it depends on the rice itself..Whether it's a young or old crops..
sushi rice vinaigrette  :  u normally use a ¼ to the rice
Sugar   850 gm
mitzukan Su (rice vinegar) 1.8 ltr
Salt 380 gm
kombu 20 gm
*mix this with the rice until the rice taste a bit salty n sour....
yakitori sauce :
yamasa shoyu 1.8 ltr
sake 1.8 ltr
mirin 1.8 ltr
sugar  1.8 k use only Half ///
leek    : 500 gm
onion    : 500 gm
carrot    : 500 gm
Chicken bone if u want , grill vegetable
:  sake &  mirin must be burn 1st,in a warm pan put all inside, simmered until thick
            : remove the grill vegetable .
            : yakitori sauce can last long for about 2 months..bt hv to keep it in the cold place
ponzu sauce
Ponzu  1.8 ltr
: Yamasa Shoyu  600 ml
: Mitsukan Su 600 ml
: mirin 1.8 ltr
: Katsuoboshi (dried bonito flakes) 100gm
: Dried Chili 50 gm
picled ginger    : young ginger hv to b thin sliced but not too thin
            : the slice ginger must be marinated wit sea salt for 1 day, to make it soft n to remove the spicy taste fron the ginger itself
            : wash the ginger until the saltiness n spicy taste gone..
            * : after that u have to boil the ginger until it soft for about 1 minutes or maybe 3 minutes depends on the quantity (soak with cold water to make itcrunchy,and must be dried after it's cold
Note :
            * : mitzukan, sugar, n plum must bring to boil
            * : the plum it's always called by the japanese as a umeboshi,u can find it in the supermarket easily..
            * : after all the mixture above boils, pour it onto the ginger..DONE!!
ginger sauce
Young Ginger 5 kg
: Mitzukan Su 1.8 ltr
: Sugar 1.5 kg
: Umeboshi (japanese plum) 6-7 nos
*bring to boil...

Hard to understand if u are not a chef ha ??

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