1 May 2011


Dear Cherry

I am such a Gooseberry

to make u so blueberry
No even a strawberry

Should make u so blackberry

can i say sorry...as Raspberry ?????/

From the web :
The cherry is the fruit  of many plants of the genus Prunus , and is a fleshy stone fruit. The cherry fruits of commerce are usually obtained from a limited number of species, .The name 'cherry', often as the compound term 'cherry tree', may also be applied to many other members of the genus Prunus, or to all members of the genus as a collective term. The fruits of many of these are not cherries, and have other common names, including Plum Apricot , Peach .... this thingh i am sure no much people know ...
The native range of the wild Cherry  extends through most of Europe, and the fruit has been consumed through its range since prehistoric times. A cultivated cherry is recorded as having been brought to Rome by Lucius from northeastern Middle center ASia , in 72 BC.
The English word cherry, French cerise and Spanish cereza all come from the classical Greek (κέρασος) through the Latin cerasum, thus the ancient Roman place name Cerasus  from which the cherry was first exported to Europe.

And i love Cherry ..................

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