14 May 2011

Dubai Aspic , gelatin & the Recipe of it

Well as we know is never been easy to create a five course “aspic or Gelatin competition” and here I attach a bite of the best in Dubai

Aspic is a much complicated work and you need to have lot of attention: u can add color , u need to coat few time .. Less for the salad more for the meat ,,,,,,,,Water has to be boil or have to  be distilled ,

Here I give u a small suggestion on how to prepare u basic aspic recipe: do please use gelatin with micro crystal inside is always the best:

One liter water + 120 Gm of gelatin for salad
One liter of water + 140 to 16o gm of gelatin fro meat fish shell fish and vegetable
On elite of water + 200 gm off gelatin for Form and sauce

Try more time and u will find u best recipe ....good luck

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