26 May 2011

Suggestion for a pre opening team in the kitchen ..

 Here some tips for the pre opening of a Kitchen , staff... for fun

Fist of all , always have some surprise and help , some where , you are a chef and everyone expect somenthing new ..

Kepp fire burning

make sure that  they all have deep knolege of  the equipment

Chef never trow anythingh

make sure that the smart one know the on - off

have rare people with sense of humor

Make sure that each of them take care of each other in all the small thinghs , include hygen :)

make sure u have the Cutest , and have some girls

have 2 o 3 papaprazzi AKA photographer chefs 

We train Hard , and we no acept falier

keep them  healtier

Pastry Departement :  they must be SWEET

make Sure that they speack like yourself

Employ , ex Prisoner , pusher , taxy driver and inmate ..u will need it
make sure u have some care for the most valuable items

Chef Breath will always be on u neck

Make sure your two seconds are always agree on what u do

do not let them  smoke funny stuff :)

Get few of them , by few months half will  leave

thank u guys for the picture ...


  1. Nice collection of pictures, and nice photolog, Chef ;)

  2. Ha ha ha ha, this really MAKE ME LAUGH!!!

  3. funny post xD.

  4. Hahahahahahahaa, you made me laugh each time I see this, laughing non stop :D


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