14 May 2011

golden dessert and the way u suppose to do it >>.

As most of u guys ask, always what, and how we look at things ....here a bit  more ......of suggestion and picture ,of dessert in Dubai .....during the competittion


The first condition for a golden dessert  optimum assessment is that the entered work harmonises completely with the theme. Only then is it possible to attain the maximum number of points

The showpiece "Festive Dessert" (theme-related) should be of an appropriate size to the dessert and ideally should be presented on the same platter. For the creation of the showpiece only natural ingredients should be used, for example sugar, caramel, couverture, praline, marzipan etc. A few exceptions can feature auxiliary aids, for example wire for the handle of a sugar basket or gelatine sugar for flower arrangements. However, in principle, these aids should be avoided as far as possible. Under no circumstances may styrofoam be cut out and then covered with couverture. This also applies to assemblies. The penalty for non-observance of this limitation consists in a major deduction of points.

Showpieces for fancy biscuits, pralines, petits fours, cheese fours, friandises and snacks are subject to the same conditions as the dessert platters. However, the value should be more according to the product. For instance: Pralines: showpieces made of couverture or praline. Cheese fours, snacks: showpieces made of salt dough, noodle dough, bread dough etc. Petits fours, friandises: showpieces made of couverture, caramel, gelatine sugar. Fancy biscuits: pralines, marzipan.


1. Crémes
For instance Bavarian cream should not deviate from the original recipe but can be stabiised and preserved with the addition of more gelatine and sugar; possibly the dessert can be polished with a thin coat of wine jelly or something similar.

2. Mousses
Gréme mousse (chocolate) or fruit mousse should not deviate from the original recipe but rather should he made more unperishable through the addition of more chocolate, sugar, gelatine or Garrageen.

Under no circumstances may recipes be used for these two types of desserts which consists only of sugar, milk, colour and gelatine. The penalty is a high deduction in points.

3. Warm Desserts
Soufflés and puddings.
For the benefit of the professional visitor the imitation of souffles and puddings should he presented in an optimum manner. In order to achieve this the original recipe should he stahilised and made more durable through the addition of extra sugar, nuts, almonds, biscuit crumbs, pudding powder or Carrageen.
Baked puddings (for example apple heignets).
The fruit should be pre-treated by drying or crystallising; the beer or wine dough can be stabilised by adding more sugar and flour.
Under no circumstances may warm desserts, presented cold, deviate completely from the original.
4. Jellies
Terrines made of jelly should not deviate from the original recipe. Through the addition of more gelatine and sugar they can be made more durable It is better to first treat marinated fresh fruit with sugar; under no circumstances may one use only water, sugar colour and gelatine. This carries a high penalty in point deductions.
5. Sauces
a) Frothy Sauces (Sabayon)
Frothy sauces must look frothy. Through the addition of more sugar and emulsifiers, such as lecithin and glycerine, they obtain more durability; by the addition of Garrageen, they can be stabilised.
b) Fruit Sauces
The fruit sauce must consist of at least one-third fruit pulp. The addition of glucose, glycerine, gelatine etc. makes the sauce attractive for a longer period of time. Under no circumstances may sauces be presented without fruit pulp. This would result in a substantial deduction of points.
c) Créme Sauces
These, too, should not deviate from the original. They can be made more durable and stabilised by the addition of more sugar, gelatine, glycerine, glucose and Carrageen.

6. Pralines
In order to obtain the maximum number of points, pralines must be dressed, spread and cut, rather than just being moulded.
7. Petits Fours
There must be five kinds filled with different flavours.
Fancy Biscuits
The fancy biscuits must be made of five different types of dough.
Cheese fours Five different cheese fours made of short crust pastry, choux dough and puff pastry. The fillings should not deviate from the original recipe; they can be hardened through the addition of more fat.
All fresh assemblies should first he nolished with aspic.
8.Four different, thematic small cakes
These cakes must he decorated to signify the theme and a piece of the cake must he cut out. The filling and the biscuit may not deviate from the original recipe. This would only he permitted with ice cream cake. Here the same applies as with ice cream desserts. As decoration only edible goods may be used, for instance no gelatine .

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