18 May 2011

Vincotto at Hong Kong Disneyland, Cordon Noir Dinner WACs family

It was At Disneyland Hong Kong during the reception of the Cordon Noir Dinner on 15 may , a large  assortment of the products of Vincotto was introduce to a large crowd of Chefs,  from the recent WACS Asia pacific ( World Chef Society has  with over 9 million member around the word ).
A very particular day , as Mr . Rick Steven was elected  president of Asia WACS , so all Congratulation to him .
Various distinguish chef’s  of the Hong Kong Society ,  guess from the cordon noir association and other people join the crowd of near 100 person .
The various example of Vincotto and Dolce Nero ,  where tasted in shooter and loved by all ,
many where discussing on how to fix a duck breast with a Figsvicotto sauce  Peperoncinovincotto   flavored one , or how to serve a Gosse liver with the flavor raspberry . or try  new cocktail with  Nero Cioccolato .
Cordon Noir  club , is one of the only kind club  , made only people and chefs , that love  caviar and fine dining  .

products of Gianni Calogiuri Company  o also know it as vincotto and dolcenero for the guest to taste


Welcome to all the guest
Chef Rodoulf Muller the mind Bihind the all evening

Spettacolar assortment

Chef Federico Michieletto with Ragnar of Wacs paris

i think Minny  was happy too

Congratulation for the WACS Asia meeting to all participant and all the 20 president of world wide during the day


Opening and tasting of the varius products


on the Right Chef Jorchen Kern President Of the Cordon Noir club and Director of study  Berjaya University Malaysia

Chef Rick Steven New WACS Asia president and Chef of Singapore in Flight


A large Crowd was alway near to try the varius speciality of Vincotto, and dolce nero was just lovely chilled in the ice ..

Chef Otto Weibel Osiana Singapore WACS Competition

Chef Gissur Gudmundsson President of WACS

the cordon Noir member from varius part of Asia

Chef John Slone Resort Word Hotel Singapore Chef Martin Kobald WACS  Africa and Middle Easr Director

large crowd of 100 people

the thay chef asooscetion President with guest

the all Korea Chef assocetion Rapresentaive

Well so i guess on the end Miky Minny plus all the Guest were very happy for the evening .
So the next day me and My Good friend CheF Joery  we decide before to leave to make last walk in the park and why not to try somenthing new >>>...With the Dolcenero and miky Waffle ...

Hong Kong base chef Joeri Schereus
  Waffle and Dolce Nero

Our car ??
Our sain woth the Waffle

I mean .......

so that all and thank u again for the beutiful days in hong kong , with tops chef top friend , vincotto and dolcecioccolato


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