3 Apr 2011

Crispy skin salmon with cilantro “battuto”, glaze carrot , turnip, peas and onion

Crispy skin salmon with cilantro “battuto”, glaze carrot , turnip, peas and  onion

Ingredient  : for 4 portion
8pcs of salmon fillet cut cube of the side of 70 gm
50 ml  extra virgin olive oil
100 gm Cilantro “ trito  “(  see recipe below  )
4 pcs of carrot glaze ( see recipe below )
100 gm 0f turnip puree( see recipe below )
100 gm of green peas Puree” ( see recipe below )
4 pcs of tarragon tomato ( see recipe below )
100 gm green peas  boil in salt water
Salt to taste
For garnish few spring of chives and dill

Cilantro “ trito 
50 gm cilantro leave
10 gm Thai basil
In a chopping board chop finely all the ingredient and season with salt .

 Carrot glaze
4 baby carrot wash clean and trimmed
1 Spoon of butter
Sugar , salt
 Boil carrot in water and salt for 3 minutes, remove and place in ice water bath to stop the cooking processes .
In a pan melt the butter , add sugar , carrot  sauté’ briefly and season with salt .

Turnip puree’
1 big turnip
Salt and sugar to taste
Peel the turnip and cut in cube , place in a pot with boiling water , and cook until soft, and remove it.
Place the boil turnip in a food processor , add sugar and salt to seasoning .

Green peas Puree”
100 gm of green peas
2 spoon of coconut milk
8 pcs of baby onion
1 tea spoon of butter
1 spring of Thai basil
Salt for seasoning

In a casserole melt the butter, add the onion, and stir to golden add water, and the peas . Cook for 5 minutes . Season, and remove the onion, add the two spoon of coconut milk , and cook for one more minute .

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